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The Great Convention and After.

Labour in Ireland.


I Merthyr War Pensions Committee.

* Aberdare Waterworks.I


Aberdare Waterworks. I I APPEAL AGAINST MERTHYR ASSESSMENTI COMMITTEE'S VALUATION. Aberdare District Council applied to the Mer- thyr Assessmeiit Committee on Saturday for a reduction of £ 1,788 from the new valuation of their waterworks undertakings in Aberdare and Penderyn parishes. The Chairman (the Rev. Llewellyn M. Wil- liams) intimated that the valuers had made a reduction of tSI3 on the old valuation of £ 3,058 for money spent upon repairs and renewals in connection with the undertakings. Mr. W. R. Morgan stated that the Aberdare Water-works Committee were not aware of this concession, and suggested an adjournment for them to consider the position. It was decided to adopt the reduced assess- ments of the valuers: Aberdare waterworks, £ 1,170 ratable; Penderyn waterworks, £ 1,075 ratable. Alderman Illtyd Thomas, of Cardiff, was ap- pointed by the Merthyr Assessment Committee on Saturday to assess anew the Cyfarthfa Iron and Steel Works, now put at a nominal ratable value of £ 2,500. Aberaman and Aberdare Licensed Victuallers' Association asked the Merthyr Assessment Com- mittee on Saturday for a flat-rate reduction in the assessment of public-houses on the grounds that the new Government beer restrictions had resulted in a depreciation in business of 50 per cent. Mr. W. P. Jones (for the association) said publicans formerly receiving nine barrels a week were only now allowed two and a half, and Mi-. J. Rees (one of the deputation) said he had failed to get any beer the previous week, although lie had tramped Monmouthshire and Glamorgan in search of some., He had only one barrel at his public-house to fldci. his sales over the holidays. The coinmittefe declined to agree to a flat-rate reduction, but intimated their willingness to con- sider appeals respecting each public-house affected separately. I The assessment of the Guenlos and Pengarn IJ'armsJMertlWt> was confirmed at .?609 ratable.


I British Duty in India. I

Travelling without Railway…

The People's Food.

Bituminous Coal.