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The Great Convention and After.

Labour in Ireland.


I Merthyr War Pensions Committee.

Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

I Merthyr War Pensions Committee. A meeting of the committee was held at the Town Hall on Friday last under the presidency of Councillor H. M. Lloyd. The Hon. Treasurer (Mr. W. R. Harris) on behalf of the Investigating Committee presided over by Councillor A. Wilson, submitted the fol- lowing claims for relief: Dowlais t9 2s. for 41 dependents: Penydarren £ 4 4s. 9d. for 32; Park £ 7'16s. for 44; Cyfarthfa £ 9 Os. 7d. for 50; Town m0 19s. 3d. for 63; Plymouth C3 9s.9d. for 25; Troedyrhiw £ 6 15s. 6d. for 25; Merthyr Vale £ 6 6s. 6d. for 36; Treharris £ 14 14s. 9d. for 92; Hon. Secretary 15s. 6d. for 2; total £ 73 4s. 7d. for 410 dependents. He also reported a refund of tll Os. 6d. in respect of loans, and a balance in hand of t208 18s. 5d. It was decided to meet the claims as submitted. The Treasurer had received a visit from two representatives of the Statutory Committee during the week, and had undergone a search- ing examination upon the methods adopted for investigating cases and posting up returns. The report handed in was full of encouragement and highly complimentary to the committee and to the officers. The Hon. Secretary (Mr. W. W. Meredith) reported having received the follow- ing communications: (1) From Mr. Aukland, of Cardiff, asking ioi: a list of disabled soldiers requiring treatment and training at the Cardiff Centre; (2) from Statutory Committee stating that application for a supplementary allowance to parents of a young student soldier had been granted; (3) from headquarters asking committee to relieve Wrexham case at Mardv Hospital as required. Matron had taken a special interest in the case. Allowance granted for small comforts. Mr. Meredith also submitted special cases as follows (1) Soldier discharged with Partial Disa- bility Pension. Had been severely wounded, but had not sufficiently recovered to take up light employment as anticipated. He had written asking for review of pension. No reply as yet. Decided to relieve until reply had come to hand. (2) Application from wounded soldier for treat- ment as out-pateint. Decided to negotiate with Whitchurch Hospital. (3) Application from sol- dier, Army Reserve W, for transfer to Class P. Decided to take necessary steps. The following was submitted by Messrs. E. Roberts, W. Powell, and G. Evans: — (1) Soldiers called up but sent back. Recalled in two weeks. Failed to find work in the mean- time. Asked for advance. Granted by Ward Secretary, but disallowed hy committee as against regulations. (2) Wife with five children, in difficulties re Ring Paper. No separation al- lowance for weeks. Decided to advance until settled. (3) Soldier's wife charged with bigamy by former husband. Paymaster stopped allow- ance until ease was settled. Decided to refer case to Statutory Committee for relief in the meantime. (4) Husband and wife summoned for neglect of children. Husband enlisted before the trial. Wife suffers imprisonment. Inspector reports she can now have custody of children. Decided not to make a grant until children had returned. (5) Discharged soldier with wife and three children receiving 17s.a- week Partial Dis- ability Pension. Unable to work. Application made for supplemental pension. Received relief for 11 weeks at 7s. 6d. a week pending settle- ment. Supposed receipt of 8s. a week from for- mer employer. Relief to be discontinued if such be the case. (6) Grandmother in charge of chil- dren of diseased soldier applies for grant in re- spect of death. Decided to grant full allowance of ts. (7) Soldier successfully operated upon at Roehampton and supplied with artificial leg now applied for training at Clark's College Car- diff. Decided to negotiate with college authori- ties on his behalf and to assist him financially. if necessary.

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