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Bituminous Coal.


Bituminous Coal. SHORTAGE IN SOUTH WALES. Complaints of poor gas coal in South Wales were made at the annual meeting of the Wales and Monmouthshire Institution of Gas Mana- gers held at Merthyr recently and a reso- lution was passed calling the attention of the National Gas Council to this deficiency in quality in comparison with the Midland and Northern districts, and to the fact that in addition the gas undertakings of South Wales had to pay 2s. 6d. a ton more for their coal under the Price of Coal Limitation Act. The meeting desired also the Council to give their due consideration to South Wales in comparing results or dealing with any general instructions to be issued to the gas industry, more particularly with reference to the calorific standard and use of blue water gas as a means of reducing the consumption of coal. Mr. Reginald Clarrv, Swansea, who brought forward the motion, said there was a growing scarcity of gas coal (even of the poorer quality- now obtaining) in South Wales., and it was an important factor to be reckoned with in a few fears. The difficulty, however, might be over- come by making some restriSfion on the export trade of bituminous coal from South Wales un- til the requirements for home consumption were satisfied. Mr. S. C. Jackson, Neath, spoke on the sub- stitution of coal gas for petrol in commercial motors, but said that such a motive power was at present out of the question with regard to small road-touring cars. Mr. J. Mogford, Briton Ferry, read a treatise on U Sulphate for Allotments." Mr. Mogford was elected the president for the ensuing year.