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The Great Convention and After.

Labour in Ireland.


I Merthyr War Pensions Committee.

* Aberdare Waterworks.I


I British Duty in India. I

Travelling without Railway…


Travelling without Railway Ticket. MERTHYR STIPENDIARY ON A POINT OF LAW. Merely travelling without a ticket is not in itself an offence. A man may do that quite in- nocently and quite honestly. I think we have all done it in our time. We may have lost our tickets—return tickets. Intent is everything, and I am satisfied, and so is Mr. Evans (the other magistrate) there was no intention in this 'case on the part of the defendant to avoid pay- ment. It appears to me that both men acted straightforwardly. They endeavoured to get a ticket and failed. In my opinion these proceed- ings should never have 'been brought. I will show my disapproval of the action of the com- pany by ordering them to pay costs an d dismiss the case." In the above terms Mr. ,R. A. Griffith (stipen- diary) commented at the Merthyr Police Court on Friday anent a case in which W. Rees Wil- liams and his brother, Baden Williams, Rhym- ney miners, were summoned by the Rhymney Railway Company for travelling in a, colliers' train on May 1. between Rhymney and Pont- lottyn without paying their fares. Mr. G. Llew- ellyn (of the office-of Messrs. Gwilym James, Charles and Davies, solicitors, Merthyr-) prose- cuted. l i ei. -cl tielicts were W. R ees Williams said colliers' tickets were issued weekly, but although he had been unable to obtain a ticket the week of the alleged offence he thought that the money would be deducted n s wmal from his wages at the end of the week by his employers, the Rhymney Iron Company. The position of his brother was the same. Charles Rates, clerk to the Rhymney Iron Co., rpsponsible for issuing the tickets to colliers whilst this defendant was giving evidence, laughed derisively, with the result he was order- ed out of court by the Stipendiary. Later Mr. Llewellyn intimated to the bench that Bates apologised for his conduct. The Stipendiary accepted this expression of re- gret and added that the incidentha,d not affected his decision. A t t

The People's Food.

Bituminous Coal.