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Gorseinon -Notes.


Gorseinon Notes. 1.UP. When the name of Fred Ban-oweliff is an- nounced to read a paper at the local I.L.P., a host of instructive and educative facts is anti- cipated. There is not one member who causes such a warm debate as does Fred. The kernel of such interesttbeing taken in his addresses lies in the fact that where he mentions (a big word as the fellows said) he explains it so lucidly that the most unlearned can understand him. I must confess that speakers have such a vocabulary that poor Chum," who has read but very little, is left in the clouds. Carry on, Barrowcliff, Yours is the right way to educate the "bhoys," Shall the Jail-birds Dependents Suffer. No, not if he is there for 20 years. A young man accosted me the other day and said: "Well, chum, I don't believe in the C.O.s, still I admire their stand. What about the dependents ? I am prepared to send a large loaf of bread every week to each C.O's wife, but do not give my name to anybody." The war dogs would like to starve them, but do you know that there are comrades who pick coal and logs of wood from the tip and sell it, then hand the money into the maintenance fund; then again, there are com- rades who get into a wood, two miles away, out befan and pea sticks, and hand the profit over to the fund; and do you think the military machine will be successful. Never! never! Although there are four N.C.Fers gone, at the meeting last night, they were replaced.by six new mem- bers. Are we downheartedP Reader, will you do your part? cirum.

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