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The Theatre Royal. I It is not difficult after a visit to the Theatre Royal this week to understand how "The Fatal Wedding" has held its front rank place in the affections of playgoers on both sides of the At- lantic for a couple of decades now. If it were only for the charming part of Jessie, and that happy juvenile party scene, its popularity would be assured; but, in addition to that, it is a play with a strong plot, and a high moral lesson. "The Fatal Wedding" preaches a more power- ful sermon than hundreds of pulpits, and preaches it more effectively because it is only afterwards that the powerful moral lesson comes home to one. The caste is much too heavy to allow of my spending valuable space in eulogies or criticisms of individual artistes, and I will con- tent myself with saying that in the main Frank Liston and Ernest Grant have staffed the piece efficiently, though there are one or two char- acters that could do with strengthening. Still, remembering the war-time drain on the profes- sion, one can afford to condone an unavoidably weak auxiliary or two when the general ensemble is so productive of an enjoyable entertainment. The "house-full" boards are sure to need airing outside the Royal next week, for that first class repertory company run by Messrs. Leith and Armitage are returning for a fortnight, I understand. At all events we are sure of their presence for a, week, and with the memory of that last visit so fresh with us. I am sure we shall one and all become theatre enthusiasts during next week. The enormous success which the Company scored with "The Lion and the Mouse," and "I Lucky Durham" on their last visit has led the management to give to these, plays the lion's share of the week, and I would venture to suggest that here a. mistake has been made, for I have seen the company play Rex Beach's'" The Barrier," which is down for pre- sentation on Saturday night, and I shall never forget the performance. I am positive that a full week's run of this remarkable play by this remarkably clever company would pack the house every performance right through the week. I cannot help but hope that The Barrier will be continued during the following week. By the way, the second house now starts promptly at 8.45 and not at 9 o'clock as formerly.

A Sure Peace.J