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Industrial Compulsion. I


Industrial Compulsion. I WARNING BY THE TRIPLE LABOUR I ALLIANCE. The executive committees of the Miners' Fed- eration, the National Union of Railwaymen, and the National Transport Workers' Federation,, constituting the triple labour alliance, met at Unity House, London, on Wednesday. Mr. ll. Smillie, the miners' president, was chairman. The following resolution was moved by Mr. Win- stone (South Wales miners), seconded by Mr. A. Bellamy (the railwaymen's president), and sup- ported by Mr. H. Gosling (president of the trans- port workers), and was adopted — "That this meeting of the three executive councils of mine workers, railway workers and transport workers, constituting the triple industrial alliance, observes with misgiving the various signs of attempts to introduce by gradual stages the principle of industrial compulsion. It warns the responsible authorities against the danger of any efforts, open or hidden, to destroy the influence of trade unionism by labour con- scription, and further declares that for every reason which can be adduced in favour of the conscription of men ten reasons can be given in favour of conscription of wealth and property. That this meeting therefore recommends that a national conference of delegates of the three bodies shall be immediately summoned to consider and determine upon such steps as may lie necessary to checkmate the attacks upon trade union organisation and influence. 'That this meeting of the triple industrial alliance directs the attention of the sub-commit- tee to clause 6 of the constitution, and accord- ingly instructs them to consider and report upon the most effectual methods to give effect to this portion of the constitution, and also to report upon the advisability of controlling all demonstrations which purport to deal with the alliance."

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