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Bargoed's Thanks to Russia.

Coun. Dollar], Glasgow, ArrestedI

Choose Your Representatives…


;Profiteering Patriots.I

Enveloped in Flames.I

Technical School Scheme.


Technical School Scheme. Mr. Rhys Elias, Director of Education, was asked by the Merthyr Evening Schools Commit- tee on Wednesday to prepare a draft scheme for n central technical school in the town, the Oy- farthfa. Castle Schools being suggested as suit- able for the purpose. Mr. H. M. Lloyd (chair- man), supporting the Director's recommendation for the adoption of such an undertaking, said that in addition to the Board of Education grant under the new regulations with regard to fur- ther education it was likely thatgrantB would also be received respecting any disabled soldiers who might be taught in such an institution. The Director of Education said that such a Tocal college would mean less teachers and apparatus than required as now when technical classes were scattered about the area.

Merthyr Motor Squadron.

" Fleecing the Public."-I,

IMerthyr Recorder.