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Bargoed's Thanks to Russia.

Coun. Dollar], Glasgow, ArrestedI

Choose Your Representatives…



AN IMPORTANT SUGGESTION. I .I TO THE EDITOR. I Sir,—The Trade Union and Socialist Organi- sations of the country are being circularised ask- ing that delegates should be appointed to attend a conference at Leeds on Sunday, June 3rd, in order to voice the opinions of the nxaisses of this country regarding the developments in Russia. I know there are many organisations who cannot afford to send delegates to such a conference. But it is the greatest, and perhaps the only opportunity that will ever present itself to the working-classes of this country to effectively voice their opinions upon Prussianism at home and abroad. It would therefore seem desirable that all branches and lodges unable to stand the ex- penses of a representative should at least iden- tify themselves with the inotement by returning a credential with a delegate fee of 2/6.—Yours iaitJirullv, t. taithtiUty, E. Stonelake. Herbert-'str&et, Aberdarg.

;Profiteering Patriots.I

Enveloped in Flames.I

Technical School Scheme.

Merthyr Motor Squadron.

" Fleecing the Public."-I,

IMerthyr Recorder.