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Bargoed's Thanks to Russia.

Coun. Dollar], Glasgow, ArrestedI

Choose Your Representatives…


Choose Your Representa- tives Now. I BIG GATHERING MUST MEET IN LEEDS I TO HELP RUSSIA, AND PREVENT A I SEPARATE PEACE. The United Socialist Council of the Independent I Labour Party and British Socialist Party. May 11th, 1917. Dear Sir,—The events which have recently taken place in Russia call for a reply on the part of the British Socialist and Labour move- ment. It is considered desirable and necessary by the undersigned that a conference shall be convened of representative organisations to con- gratulate and encourage our Russian comrades upon the success they have achieved in over- throwing the reactionary forces of that country and establishing real political freedom. The newly enfranchised Russian democracy are becoming increasingly despondent of the Great Britain which they once considered the home of liberty and progress. Dissatisfaction has moreover been manifested against the re- actionary forces in this country nominating and selecting individuals ostensibly to represent the Labour and Socialist movement of Great Bri- tain. In Russia, where the people have assumed control over their own political circumstances, they are repudiating the policy of imperial con- quest and annexation and declare repeatedly in favour of peace without annexations and in- demnities. They have, moreover, called upon the common people in all the belligerent coun- tries to throw over their reactionary Govern- ments which are at all times in favour of con- quest and imperial aggrandisement. Not only is it the duty of the German and Austro Hungarian working class to repudiate the dreams of conquest of their rulers, but it is clearly the duty of the working class of Great Britain to repudiate aims and aspirations—dy- nastic, territorial, and capitalist-tilat were supported by the Russian Czardom, and which have materially influenced the collective aims of the Allies. We therefore feel it our urgent duty to con- vene a representative conference of Trade Coun- cils, local Labour Parties, Socialist organisations and women's industrial and political organisa- tions, in order to ascertain and pronounce upon the opinions of the working class of this country regarding the. developments which have taken place in Russia. We are, moreover, especially anxious that Trade Union Br.'v'rhes and District Councils or Federations of Trade Unions shall be represented at this conference, and they will re- ceive credentials at their own request. It is becoming increasingly evident that the forces which brought about the war are unable to make peace. Just as the Russian democracy have taken the most significant steps in favour of an international peace, so must the demo- cratic forces in every country strive to emulate their magnificent example. If the Russian peo- ple receive no sympathetic response to their call for an international peace from the people of the Allied countries, they may be driven into a separate peace with the Kaiser's reactionary Government. It is our duty to work for a com- plete and real international peace based upon working class solidarity and therefore calculated to be honourable and enduring. The conference will take place at Leeds on Sunday, June 3rd, and the basis of representa- tion will be one delegate for every 5,000 mem- bers or part thereof The delegation fee will be 2/6 per delegate.. It is hoped that the great Trades Councils and local Labour Parties and all the branches of the Independent Labour Party and the British Socialist Party will pro- vide for strong representation in order to make the conference as representative and powerful as possible. Those Trade Union Branches and District Councils which feel that they are en- titled to separate representation may do so on the basis indicated above. Will all secretaries and sympathisers place this matter before their respective organisationsa-t the earliest possible moment? The conference will take place exactly a week before the Stockholm meeting of the in- ternational, at which the international situation will be considered by working-class representa- tives from all countries. The Leeds Conference will be destined to have a great and far-reaching effect upon the international situation. The plans of the imperialists, militarists, and aggres- sionists throughout Europe can only be thwarted by concerted action on the part of the working class, now rapidly returning to their adherence to the principles of the International Solidarity of Labour.—Yours fraternally, on behalf of the United Socialist Oouncil- H. Alexander, Chas. G. Ammon, W. C. An- derson, O. Despard, È. C. Fairchild, J. Fineberg, .F. W. Jowett, Geo. Lansburv, J. Ramsay Macdonald, Tom Quelch, Robert Smillie, Philip Snowden, Robert Williams. Albert Inkpin, Francis Johnson, Joint Sees.


;Profiteering Patriots.I

Enveloped in Flames.I

Technical School Scheme.

Merthyr Motor Squadron.

" Fleecing the Public."-I,

IMerthyr Recorder.