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Bargoed's Thanks to Russia.

Coun. Dollar], Glasgow, ArrestedI

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Technical School Scheme.

Merthyr Motor Squadron.


Merthyr Motor Squadron. APPEAL FOR VOLUNTEERS BY SIR JOHN CURTIS. Speaking in favour of the formation of a local squadron of the Glamorgan Motor Volunteer Corps at Merthyr Town Hall on Tuesday night, Sir John Curtis, Commandant of the Corps, de- tailed the duties of the squadron, dwelling in particular on its essential importance as a co- operating unit with the Volunteers. There was always a possibility of a mobilisation taking place. He was one who took the view that the Germans would not let her fleet remain whero it was now without making some effort to have a last kick at England, which was blamed so con- siderably for the war and the way in which it had gone. If mobilisation took place it was quite certain that the battalions would have to be transported, and there was always a possibility of the train service being interfered with, and in that event there was only one way of reach- ing the point of iiiobilisatlon-motor-cax. Touch- ing upon the question of the petrol supply, Sir John said that this was a very difficult question. Cardiff was absolutely starved. They could not get a gallon unless they were on duty. Repre- sentations were, however, being made which he trusted would have the effect of bringing about a supply. The military authorities would have to be told that, although the squadrons were willing to move out at call, they dijii hot intend to push the cars, for that was the position they would be in.' Captain J. P. Higman (adjutant and or- ganiser) declared that Merthyr and Aberdare had been a source of worry and trouble for the last eighteen months, because while the motor volunteer movement had spread rapidly else- where, they had not been able to get a footing there. Major Jr. T. James (commander of the loÇal V.T.C.) spoke strongly in favour of the foijlia- tion of the corps, which would be a great utjjity in connection with the hospital at Aberdare, And particularly in connection with the V.T.C., which in his district was very scattered, being spread over the Aberdare and Merthyr Valleys and along the Rhymney Valley as far as Caer- philly. He explained that a motor volunteer squadron consisted of 132 men, 56 cars, andi20 motor-cycles. Merthyr was unlike Cardi#, si^De, as a big industrial district, there were net the number of private cars in use, and 56 might be a tall order; hut judging from convictions there would be no difficulty in getting the cycles and moil willing to ride at some speed. Capvaitt Isaac Edwards uffclaUM it .to fcT'tii* duty of every man unfit to take his place in the fighting line to join the volunteers. It was unanimously decided to form a squadron and an executive committee was appointed.

" Fleecing the Public."-I,

IMerthyr Recorder.