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I I Miners Not Coolies.'I

National Labour Conference…


National Labour Conference to Congratulate Russia. UNITED SOCIALIST COUNCIL TO CONVENE I LEEDS GATHERING. IMPERATIVE NEED TO APPOINT YOUR I DELEGATES. PASSED FOR PUBLICATION. I A National Labour Conference will be held in Leeds on Sunday, June 3rd, to congratulate the Russian workers upon their Charter of Freedom, and to respond to the appeal of the Russian Workers that the British Working Çlass should oppose the Imperialist and annexationist war aims of the British Government. The Confer- ence is being convened by the United Socialist Council of the Independent Labour Party and the British Socialist Party, with whom are as- sociated other well-known and representative Socialists and Trade Unionists, Trades Councils Local Labour Parties, Trade Union branches and branches of the I.L.P., B.S.P., and Women's Labour League. The Women's Co-operative Guild and Women's International League are cordially invited to appoint delegates. The delegation fee is 2/6. A circular is being issued and full particulars will be published next week, but in the meantime those organisations which meet during the coming week are urged to appoint delegates at once, even if they have not actually yet received the circular of invitation.

Dowlais Tragedy.I



The Princetown "Riot" (?).

INot Having Any.I

IBaptist Peace Fellowship.

Cardiff Star Chamber.