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-1 iDOWLAIS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, Limited, i j 16, i7, 18. and 19, Union Street, Dowlais. 2 I DRAPERY DEPT. j  We are now showing a Large Assortment of New Goods for the I coming Season:- I Household Linen. B!a?kets. Quilts. Sheets. | J Carpets and Rugs. |  MILLINERY DEPT* j 1 MILUNERY DEPT.    Children"s Millinery. 2 VALUE AND QUALITY GUARANTEED IF YOU BUY AT | I 16, 17, 18 & ? Union Street, Dowta!s. |  Pantscallog, Oow!a!s Caeharris, Dowlais. | I I High Street, Penydarren. I I Station Terrace, Bed?no?. j L. 11- ..UIlI It It .i NATIONAL Amalgamated LABOURERS' UNION. I Nie -1 ST. DAVID'S Pb ACE, RUTLAND STREET, SWANSEA. Tne Live Fighting Union for South Wales: We Don't Merely List Benefits on Paper-We PAY Them. General Secretary JOHN TWOMEY. Organiser: "BOB" WILLIAMS, 220 Blackfriars Road, London, S.E. District Secretaries: A. BARTON, 5 Stuart Street, Docks, Cardiff; JOHN O'LEARY, Century Institute. Winmill Street, Newport, Mon.; Coun. J. POWLESLAND, 10 Picton Place, Swansea ALL CLASSES CATERED FOR-MALE AND FEMALE. Affiliated to the National Transport Workers' Federation, Trade Union Congress, and National Labour Party. Approved under the National Health Insurance Acts. t h mmt?? !mmmm!tMm j

',A few Rernark for Mr. Blatchford.I

Tonyrefail Notes.: . ;

I Bargoed Notes.I

" Mothers' Pensions." I

The Electric -Theatre.-I