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The Licensing (Consolidation) Act, 1910. NOTICE OF PRINCIPAL MEETING. .> COUNTY BOROUGH OF MERTHYR TYDFIL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that'the Principal meeting to be held pursuant to Ile L: JL? sing Rules, 1910, by the Compensation Authority for the above area,. will be h? eld??? Town Hall, Merthyr Tydfil, at 10.30 o'clock on Monday, the 4th day of June, 1917. etiNr And Notice is hereby also given that the Compensation Authority will at the ? eta! be prepared to hear, with reference to the renewal of the licenses of the several p'em s1f'otr fied in the subjoined list, all those persons to whom under the Licensing (Consolida-tioR) ??. 1910, they are bound to give an opportunity of being heard; that is to say, the P?? ?, terested in any licensed premises in question, and unless it appeals to the Oomp?B? .? Authority unnecessary any other person appearing to them to be interested in the quest,.OnOf the renewal of the license of those premises (including the Justices of the Licensing D LIST OF LICENSED PREMISES. Name and situation of premises. Nature of License. Licensee.. Crawshays Arms, High Street Beerhouse Thomas Evans EdWøa' Joiners' Arms, Brecon Road Beerhouse William Bowen Full Moon, Twynwaun. Alehouse Mary Williams TOM ELIAS, ay. Dated the 3rd day of May, 1917. Clerk to the Compensation

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