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The Theatre Royal.


The Theatre Royal. <(JP" It is the first time that I have sect ? ?« Night Side of London," and perhaps ?' well that I waited until I saw it handled ?? capable a company as the T. Watson Mi? ?i.f, that have chosen it for the chief featur<? their programme at the Royal this week- 4' f  Night Side of London," has all the thrills,?? ?rst-dass melo-drama, and like all such P. tift] is a potential bad show as well as a poto"?4 attractive evening. The Watson Mill Co. 9-I' such a splendid reputation on their five vv?A stay here such a short time back, that it is 110' necessary to dwell upon how well Miss j Hall- Davies, and Mr. B. Mervyn and tb clever supporters handle it. It is really Well done, and though I prefer more restrain11 I can strongly recommend this play to all waht to spend a happy evening. It ill b-. re shown on Saturday night. Meanwhile, t'°' jg^W and to-morrow (Friday) the play to be 1),r 0dlp is that exceptionally fine one "The Cig e$\ Maker's Romance," which I am longing done by this company.  Next week Merthyr audiences will be  tained with an unusually fine dramatic pro tion from the pen of Mr. Leonard M?'-jj p? J Mr. Mortimer is well known to Merthyr all ?!? is prompted to return owing to the succ??) attained here last August with his other PØ! "Mother Machree." The play to be no? to oO' formed is one of his very latest and bOt SigDO deavours, and is entitled "The City <? ?- and Tears." Mr. Mortimer himself will P1'-1i$- This piece ha-s already made a great succ?.? ?? South Wales, and, I feel sure, will be iK?{ W predated by Merthyr audiences. There ?  two performances nightly and the prices  as usual. The whole company is a very ,$j one and the play should certainly meet l success here that it certainly deserves.

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