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Outlines of Industrial History!

,The Theatre Royal. I


The Theatre Royal. I I am sorry in writing of the presentation of the "Ware OdSe" at the Theatre Royal this week, to have to say that the play is not meet- ing with all the success that it ought to have on merit. True the "housfee" are not bad, and are improving nightly, but the start-off was a little bleak, unquestionably largely due to kitchen's disappointing show last week, and the "week-after-the-holidays" feeling which every manager knows and dreads. As a play "The Ware Case" is far and away beyond the story, which is tedious and mediocre. It is one of those strange anomalies that one occasionally meets and can never explain; where a weak story to read, provides a most delightful and dramatic stage version. I had read the book long ago, but had never seen the play before this week, and I was looking forward to the visit a little uneasily, an uneasiness that was only partly al- layed by the association of the name of Margery Fane, C. Leveson Lane, Rothbury Evans and the others with the company. My uneasiness turned to enthusiasm quickly on my visit to the theatre. The play works out splendidly, and not even Gerald Du Maurier, I am prepared to say, got more out of the Court scene, and the last act than is being brought out by this talented com- pallY. The play lives as only plays can live when well-done by real histrions; and while I would specially note the exceedingly able way in which Leveson Lane Rothbury Evans, Margery Fane and Elfie Leigh Hunt handle their difficult parts, I would not have it be thought that they are simply stars unbacked by any. real talent in the minor parts. The casteing is perfect, every mem- ber fits into the whole, as compactly and cosily as do the works in a really gtmd dress watch. Under such a company "The Ware Case" should be a second and better "Royal Divorce" in point of continuous favour and patronage, and I sin- cerely hope that nothing will ever come to mar the company and split its units. A little over a year ago Messrs. Macdonald and Young's Company appeared here in the ever popular comedy "Peg o' My Heart," and the announcement of the return visit to the Theatre Royal next week will, I am sure give the local theatre-goers the greatest pleasure. The performances will be given once nightly, as before, and the charges of admission will also be the same as previously. There will be a special matinee on Thursday, commencin at 2.30. The evening shows will commence at 7.30. Visitors from the lower districts will be pleased to learn that special arrangements have been made to run conveyances to Troedyrhiw and in- termediate places after the evening perform- ances. All intending Circle and Stalls patrons should book their seats early. The Box Office is now open at the Theatre. Telephone No. 2. The following notable artistes will appear in the caste: Mr. William Kershaw, Mr. H. E. Garden, Mr. George Goodwin, Mr. J. Poole Kirkwood, Mr. George Leslie, Miss Ethel Per- cival, Miss Beatrice Drury, Miss Hilda Thorne, and Miss Ethel O'Shea as "Peg." A splendid cast, performing a splendid play.


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