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1 I Merthyr Notes. I

--( Dov/lais Notes. I

'''-''1 I Clyne Colliery…

Merthyr-Troedyrhiw -Progress..

I he Electric Theatre. I


I he Electric Theatre. -There was a change of programme from that announced at the Electric for the early part of the week. The big feature "The Lamb," was cut out for some reason and its place taken by a, fine W. Fox production dealing with Russian life and character, entitled, I believe, but my rnembry is shaky, "A Woman's Temptation." However shaky I may be as to the title I have no doubt as to the beauty of the film, or the magnificence of the setting, which was truly re- preventative of the Russia of romance, if not of reality, and whether the two are synonymous or not I cannot say, never having been to the land of the moujik. I should have lik4\d to see "Tke Lamb," but I should not have liked to miss this Fox production, and so perhaps we shall have the former later. "A Rough Knight," the Triangle comedy, was very funny, but not nj good as many of the series have been, to my taste. I am beginning to get fascinated by lJhti D'Orsej, film, tkat true reproduction of Eastern, life and customs. There were a erowd of excel- lent filJ-ups, too. From- Thursday the great picture is "Fast Lynne," also from the famous studios of Wil- liam Fox. We have had splendid stage preeenta- of this popular book, but as I have so often said, the stage lacks the conviction of the film in deal- ing with a theme such as this. There is more spaciousness, an opportunity to reproduce faith- fully that iii denied to the limited space of the stage and impossible under its garish lights. Theda Barr, who is featuring as itle lead in Mre. Henry Wood's novel, as now shown, is, I ohc,-tild have no hesitation in sayingj amongst the very few real emotional actresses of the cinemas. Her work is truly touching; if anything, I find the silent story of the film much more affecting than the original script. Mack Swain is great m the Triamgle comedy" His Bitter Pill," a rollicking burlesque in the best vein of the rou- table Keystone humorists. Another picture that is attracting a considerable amount of attention from certain members of our community is the review of the Volunteer Training, Corps at Car- diff recently by Lord French, and that because special attention is given in the :film to the Mer- thyr and Dowlais platoon. It is a fine piece of topical photography. "Peg o' the Ring is drawing to a close. Like all good things it has been much too short, but whether Peg will get rid of her strange malady, and marry Hugo in the concluding episode next week I am at a loss to know. To part with Lucille Love will be like saying go ad-fey o to a personal friend. iNext week's firs-b programme is to be note- worthy for our re-introduction to Dorothy Gish in another of those splendid stories that are being put out as Triangle dramas. This classic of the picture show is named Little Meena's Romance." His Last Laugh" is the comedy, and one of the best. From Thursday on The Mill on the .Floes is the big-liner. It is a Thanhouser interpreta- tion of Geo. Eliot's fine novel, and that means perfection. Baulking Society is the Triangle comedy; and there is another D'Orsey instal- ment as well as the last chapter of "Peg," and a host of good minor items. a bost of c, PJRAY«OER. I

The -Cardiff -Economics Class.I

! Gorseinon Notes.I

Maesteg Notes. I


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