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-==-==-! Christmas Eve Raid.…


-==-==- Christmas Eve Raid. PONTLOTTYN BOYS' HAUL IN TOBAC- CONIST'S SHOP. Directly Mr. IL A. Griffith (stipendiary) an-I nounced at Merthyr on Friday that two small boys who raided a Pontlottyn tobacconist's shop on Christmas Eve would receive six strokes of the birch each, the sister of one of them col- lapsed and was carried out of court in a faint- ing. condition. The boys were taken below and caned. According to the owner of the shop, Mrs. Elizabeth Evans. Merchant-street, Pontlottyn, she found the large plate-glass window of the worth of stock missing. t j ic, Police-sergeant Olinch sa id that amongst the articles recovered were balls, a don, a" hair- brush, and cigarette-cases. The boys admitted breaking the window with a stone, thrown at it about midnight on Christmas Eve. They hid their booty in a disused house, but on calling had, for it next morning discovered it gone. A number of stolen articles were afterwards traced to various parts of the town. It appeared that someone had found the things in the hiding place and strewn them about the roadway. Chil- dren from around the neighbourhood then came along on Christmas morning and helped them- selves to them.

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