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MERTHYR F.C. Loss.—The balance sheet of Merthyr Association Football Club" shows a loss of L231 for 1915-16. MEETHYR GUARDIANS' DECISION. Merthyr laixlj-aiis have decided that all phthisical people re(v i Viug outdoor relief must attend clinics. D MERTHYR AXI) DOWLAIS MEN TO STOP FOR TWO D -Ays.-—-Merthyr and Dowlais miners at mass Meetings on Sunday decided to suspend work or two days in Bank Holiday week. MERTHYR MEN'S NOTICES.—The miners em- PloYed by the Hill's Plymouth Colliery Company ?united) at Merthyr decided on Sunday to -t"llde,r two weeks' notice. Their grievance is '?at there is an insufficiency of rails and ma rlaL About 2,000 men are affected. WAR BONUSES.—The Merthyr Board of Guard- 'Ohla on S-aturady adopted a resolution of the 'Children's Homes Committee granting a war honus of 2/6 each weekly to the seamstress and ^ittporary laundress; and a bonus of 3d. per 4ay to all washerwomen. An application from the Ihstriet Nurse for a, bonus was referred to the finance Committee. ACCIDENTAL DEATH."—A coroner's jury at Merthyr yestfrday (Thursday) returned a verd- ict of 1 Accidental death" in the case of Wal- Phillips. a workman employed by th „ -Hill 's Plymouth Colliery Company, Limited, wbo wils killed whilst shunting journey tr¡¡ .I\" Ine evidence wii," that lie- must have fallen off a buffer on which he stood to signal to the driver. WHAT WIFE SAID AT MERTHYH—A Mountain Hare colliery haulier, Thomas Powell informed the Merthyr magistrates on Tuesday that his yife told him. "to go to li-" he said, "'Good enough," and went—to lodgings. A Maintenance order of 15/- a week was made, the payment of which was suspended until the IQuly child of the marriage was given into the "custody of the hither. —The Wife I will stick 1:0 the child.-The Stipendiary (Mr R. A. Griffith): Very well; keep yourself then. 't TUITION FOR D.C.M.—Lance-Corporal Stephen Lucy. D.C.M., an old Children's Homes Boy of the Merthyr Union, has been invalided out of the, army owing to wounds, and as a consequence he is unable to follow his musical career. He has bitten to the Children's Homes Committee as- that he should be allowed to receive cle- rical instruction in the Union Office, for a few Months, m order that lie might be fitted to iake a post as clerk. The committee unanim- ously recommended the Board on Saturday that the request be granted and that the Sup- erintendent arrange for Lucy to live on the pre- mises during the time he is receiving tuition, 4a,ld the Board unanimously fell into line. ILLEGAL FISHING" IN THE TAPTC. "About the most unfair and dastaa-cllx- form of killing -W one can think of" was how Chief Constable Wilson, described an offence alleged at Merthyr Police Court last Tuesday against four colliers— Pi-sh were summoned under the Fresh Water fisheries Act (1884) with polluting the River aff with lime. The defendants were John Booth, Christopher Jones, Thomas Henry Oates .-alld Ib,. va.tighaTi.-Poli(-e-Sergeant Hunter he saw the men on Sunday morning with a net each in the river, which appeared to have been polluted, and upon one bank was found a Quantity of lime.—Jones was fined £ 5 (or 28 and the other men 40s (or 21 days). MERTHYR MASTER WINS IMPORTANT SCHOLAR- SHIP—Mr H. A. Harris. B.Se, Science Master, vyfarthfa Castle Secondary School, has scored a, oteworthy sucaess. His name appears in the j^mination Lists for the First Examination and art 1 of the Second Examination for the London Degree in Medicine and Surgery. On tbe result of the examinations in Biology and Cheiiii,st)-v, Mr Harris has been brac- keted with another student in the first place for the "Sir John Bucknill" Scholarship of 135 guineas and an Exhibition of 55 guineas, ten- at- University College. London. Mr Harris thlJS has an opportunity of pursuing his studies "at an institution made memorable for ever by :,ch names as Schafer. Ferrier, and the late ■ £ >ir Victor Horsley. b No LICENCES FOR PART TIME PITBLICANS••—Mr ft. A. Griffith (Stipendiary) at Merthyr Police Court on Tuesday declined to depart from the Tule he has laid down regarding the transfer 'of licences to pairt-tirate publicans.—Accordingly he infused an application respecting the trans- fer of the Masons' Arms, Penydarren, from Amos Jones, now in the Army; to Thomas Ryan (a workman employed by Messrs. Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds).-Applieant said he was not going to leave his present employment.— The Stipendiary Who is going to look after the -Chief Constable Wil bouse?—The missus, sir.—Chief Constable Wil- son: It is very necessary at the present time that licensees should be on the premises to look after them.—The Stipendiary's view was that magistrates would be morally responsible for any possible breaches of the .1 licensing laws consequent upon granting transfers to persons Not prepared to devote their whole time to the management of public houses. SCHOLASTIC—The list of successful candidates 1n the recent examination for a first-class ""(Senior) Certificate of the College of Preceptors deludes the name of Isaac Isaacs, of Thomas- town. Merthyr, a pupil of the Oyfarthfa Ca&- tIe School for Boys. He is shown to have passed in the First Class in the following sub- jects —Chemistry (with distinction); Electric- Ity; English Language and Literature Geog- "aphy; History; Drawing; Algebra; Arithmetic and Geometry." It may here be mentioned, too, that jji the corresponding examination last year, Reggie G. Thomas (Dowlais). another pupil of the Cyfarthfa School, not only passed with "distinction in Chemistry, but secured second Place on the list of all the candidates of the Country in this subject.—London Matriculation -Sam Bloom, a pupil of the Cyfarth £ a Castle School, and son of the Reverend Bloom, of the Jewish Synagogue, passed in the recent (June) Matriculation Examination of the Lon- don University.


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