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I Afterfillerf Trades 4 Labour…


Afterfillerf Trades 4 Labour Council. IMPORTANT HOUSE SHORTAGE DIS- CUSSION. The monthly meeting was held on Tuesday week at the Tillei-y Institute-,lLfj.- J. Kingston presiding. The "Minute Secretary (Mr J. Owen) read .the minutes of the. previous meeting, which were adopted. b, A mandate had been asked for from the so- cieties affiliated for or against forming a local committee to In organising the Peace by Negotiation Campaign. The counting of the votes showed a large majority against taking action. In the correspondence a notice, of motion was read from the Vivian Lodge that in future no honorary members be selected as dele- gates." A second part of the detter asked that the honorary named be asked to .resign.—This aroused a lengthy discussion, the circumstances creating a good deal of fe,(,Iiii, -Eve-ntii,ally it was decided that the points go back to the lodges and societies affiliated. For some time much discussion: has raged around the question of the status and powers of honorary members on the Council; and now, apparently, matters have come to a head. An important factor is that a committee is at work, on a revision of the Constitution of the Council, and their recommendations will soon be brought forward. The Executive; Committee report was then given. Arising out of it, it was decided to obtain for distibution to mefnbers 100 leaflets dealing with the abnormal war profits of the various commercial companies in the Kingdom. A letter was read dealing with the great increase in the number of cheap Asiatic seamen now being: employed in the shipping trade. Strik- ing figures, showing the danger of such a development, were given; and it was resolved to support a resolution of protest. A letter, asking for assistance, was read in connection with the case of the Russian. Political Refugees, now under threat of deportation. The Council were sympathetic, and it was decid- ed to ask the lodges to render assistance. A report was then given from the Rents Act Committee and also of the case at the last Abeirtillery Police Court, in which the Trades Council undertook the defence of a tenant ag- ainst whom an ejectment order was being ap- plied for. The Secretary (Mr W. Bowen) said he was dissatisfied over the proceedings at the Police Court. It was not taken into consideration as to whether or not there were sufficient grounds for the ejectment. Also there had been no op- portunity to get the tenant into- the witness box for his side of the case to be-fully heard. Again, their solicitor's question to the landlord showing that he was a local councillor was dis- missed as irrelevant, so that he was prevented from making the point that the landlord as a councillor must be aware of the impossibility of COURC- i l l or inti%t be a-ware of the im P? h,,? malgist- obtaining a house in the district. The magist- rates cut the proceedings short by asking were the notices in order, and without further con- sideration a notice to clear out in 28 days was given. He asked, in the circumstances of a workman in that district needing a house, was it satisfactory evidence to prove that he could have had a house, to show that he could have bought one? Mr. W, Harris spoke warning the Council to be sure of the cases in which action was taken, and urging that the Council make it well known that they would see that tenants were protected. To show the moral side of the situation, he quoted from the Local Medical Officer's Report, showing there was not a single house idle in the whole of the district. Coun. T. Williams raised several points. Show- ing the state of housing in the neighbourhood, he mentioned the case of a man in urgent need of a house, who was prepared to buy a suitable one. An agreement was partly entered into to purchase for £ 240. The same night an- other man offered zC250 f or the House: but yet another buyer stepped in and paid a deposit bin- ding an agreement to pay E275. In such a state of affairs tenants must be protected, and he mentioned the possibility of the Ratepayers' Association maffing a fight with that Council on the question. Over the Court proceedings it was made clear that the Council was not responsible for tak- ing the case to Court. Coun. T. Williams asked the delegates to give him a mandate on. the question before the Urban District Council of an application by the district schoolmasters for an increase in sala- ries. £ 24 a year rise was being asked for. He pointed out that the maximum in the Aber- tillery district was £ 230. In a list that he gave of surrounding districts the maximum ranged from £ 250 to £ 270. The Council then went into committee.

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