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-i' Tonyrefail Notes.


i Tonyrefail Notes. Llantrisant Trades and Labour Council. A meeting of the above Council was- held at the Railway Restaurant, Pontyclun, Mr James Dicks presiding.A reply was received from the County Council stating that the Trades Coun- cil were not entitled to representation on the County Committee re the Naval and Military Pensions Act.—It was decided to again write the County Council stating that this Council only seeks* Labour representation on the Local Sub-Committee, which, in accordance with the Act, it is entitled to; also to write the Labour Party on the question. Resolved that this Council petition the Gov- ernment regarding the ill-treatment of Con- scientious Objectors, and that they be immedi- ately handed over to the civil authorities. Re Blind Institute.—This question was again referred back to the branches. A communication was read from the Shop Assistants asking for the Council's support in the matter of non-Unionists.—Resolved that this Council support them, and that delegates should raise the question at their respective lodges, and urge upon their members the im- portance of seeing that their daughters and sons. when taking up this occupation, become members of the above Trade Union. The delegate to the Rating Conference gave his report, which was accepted.—Also a report on the work done by the E.C. of the South Glamorgan Labour Party. The Southampton Trades and Labour Council asked for support on the question of Chinese Labour on British ships. It was pointed out that previous to the war, in London there were. 2,000 Asiatic seamen, but since the war this number has increased to 8.000. These men, whose wages were from 362 to £ 5. were em- ployed in preference to British seamen. whose wages are from £ 8 10s. per month. The following resolution was passed, copies to be sent to the Prime Minister, President of the Board of Trade, Labour Party and .local Member of P,-ii-lia,ment:- That the Llantrisant and Llantwit Fardre Rural District Trades and Labour Council view with great alarm the great increase in view w'tl-i great a,l a the numbers of Chinese and other Asiatic seamen now being employed upon British ships, and consider that such increase is a menace to the workers, and calls upon the Government to at once frame laws which prevent the employing class from us- ing the workers of other countries to lower the wages of the workers of this country. Justice for Disabled Warriors. The Sou th Wales oampaig-n to demand adeq- uate public maintenance for disabled soldiers an4 sailors and their dependents as a national debt of honour has commenced in various localities. A district conference is to be held at Pontyclun on Saturday (July 22), at 6 p.m. We are looking forward to a strong representa- tion from the various Churches and Labour organisations. It is painful to think that such a course has to be taken to counteract the action of the Government. And more painful when one has to remember that we have Lab- our representation in the Cabinet. When will thR British workmen wake up to a sense of self-respect and return those who seek their sal- vation and not their destruction and subordina- tion P We do not hear that commanding officers, doctors and all the other sons of the ruling class have to beg for charity! Their names are on the pension lists of the Government, and enjoying all the good things of life. Wounded. I- It is heartrending to hear news constantly of the village boys being killed and wounded at the ront. Last week the news reached here I tJ,<;>.t, three of them have been wounded, name- jT Doughty, Reg. Williams and Pontin. We I wish them speedy recovery, and that before thev I aoain return, Peace will be declared. Mere Anomalies of Military Service. I TShere are ugly rumours tIbout the Coke- workers, who are considered as munition work- ers. Some of them who have been there from the. commencement have pot been exempted, while others who are really not quite so im- portant and have nob been there so long have received certificates. It is intereditafcle to hear of some of these put in khaki, while others who have rushed in to be initiated to strange and new work are exempt. Why is this per- mitted by the Trade Union? The Union is quite as much an authority as to whether these men are indispensable a.s the employers are. And it is its duty to proteat the interest of every individual, however insignificant he may be. An in pa rev to one should be ah injury to all.

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