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Llanelly & District Labour…


Llanelly & District Labour Association I WINTER LECTURE PROGRAMME CON- SIDERED. The usual fortnightly meeting of the above- was held on Saturday last. In the absence of the Chairman (Mr T. R. James, N.U.R.), the chair was taken by Mr T. J. Evans, B.S.S. The attendance left something to be desired—the Labour Councillors being conspicuous by their absence-perhaps from the fact that the time, of the meeting synchronised with the appear- ance of the Life Guards Band in Pare Howard, or maybe the delegates were assisting in the agitation for closing the "pubs." As G. B. Shaw says, "You never can tell." The Secretary (wlr D. Etogers) reported the issue of a circular to the affillated societies con- taining an invitation to assist in the work of organising tha women now entering industry. Letters were read from the Byne,a and No. 3,: Branches of the British Steel Smelters intimat- ing their intention of becoming affiliated. The- Chairman, in expressing his pleasure in hearing, of the new affiliations, said that he understood there were two other branches also coming into-, the Association. Letters were received from the Union of De- mocratic Control and the National Council Ag- ainst Conscription, asking for assistance in their propaganda.—Answering a question, the- Secretary stated that the Association was af- filiated to both bodies. The Peace Negotiations Committee also in-, vited the delegates to come in and help.- Mr T. Davies (N.U.Ll.) said that they (the N.U.H.) had the same appeal addressed to them, but nothing was done.—The Secretary reminded the delegates that the petition was distributed ab- out a month ago. The Central Labour College sent an invitation to partake of their postal instruction durine the coming winter.—The Secretary explained. the methods of the College. calling particular ,attentlon to the lecture-by-post arrangement, Resolved that we refer the matter to the E.C. and that we invite the Sub-Warden (W. W. Craik) to come to Llanelly. Replies were to hand from Messrs. Philip Snowden. M.P.; Macdona l d. M.P.; J. Snowden. Ramsay Macdonald, M.P.; J. R. Clynes, J. H. Thomas, M.P., and R. C. W411liead re winter course of lectures. the Secretary also reported a number of ap- plications for dates for "Casey" and W. Mellor or the National Guilds. Readers of these notes who would like to have either of them had better move in their organisations. Clole and Mellor have a very good theme in the Nattional Guilds, and have, mi-ch to say of great interest to the Trade Union side of our movement. It is true they do not promise A New Jerusalem" if we re- turn a sufficient number of Labour men to Parliament neither do they ask us to go through the exciting times that the workers of Paris enjoyed under the rule of "King Pataud," but they talk a lot of hard sense all the same. To revert to the Association meeting, letters from the Labour Party and circulars from the War Emergency Committee were next consid- ered.—Resolved to pay affiliation fees to the Labour Party, to order 100 each of the leaffets on the cost of living, and the reprint from the "Manchester Guardian" on War Profits from the War Emergency Committee, and to distri- bute them amongst the delegates. Mr McKenna's reply to the deputation that waited on him to appeal on behalf of the 019 Age Pensioners astonished the delegates, and it was resolved to send further resolutions to the Chancellor, the Prime Mfnister, and the local members.

Exhorting the Editor. I