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RE JONES, SEION," AND MR. WILLIAM EVANS, LLANERCH. (To the Editor of the PlONEER.) Dear Sir,—It seems to me that the cap fits Mr. W. Evans, Llanerch, Gorseinon. Let him wear it well, as a speeial specimen of a genuine Socialist His first enunciation is that I bave not used great boldness to his face." There- fore, according to his enunciation. I am justi- fied from harshness which your previous corres- pondent tried to accuse me of! How swiftlv does the pendulum swing from one extreme to the other. Alas! perhaps it is premature to draw any inference before Mr. William Evans' de- monstration and corollary will be made mani- fest. Be on the alert, and you shall see great- er things than these! Mr. Editor, in order for me to be able to span the extension of his assumption, accusation, inquiries and anxieties, allow me to approach him with a few questions. Oh, yes, and his challenge! Well, it sounds similar to Goliath of Gath. History often re- peats itself. I.-Re Boldness. (1) Did I not preach openly at our chapel even.-even-even when Mr. W. Evans was one of my audience? (2) Does Mr. W. Evans remember that I preached one Sunday morning especially on "The Deficiencies of Socialis-tii (3) Can Mr. W. Evans recollect his dissen- sions to my preaching in the church meeting that followed the Sermon? (4) Did he not apply, on behalf of the I.L.P., for the loan of our chapel for Mr. Dl. Hughes to lecture on "Christian Socialism" ? Who stood .against it then to the extent that the ap- plication was not entertained ? (5) Bid I not tell Mr. W. Evans to his face several times that his tenets were contrary to our principles as a church, association, and de- nomination ? (6) Has Mr. W. Evans forgotten the challenge he had from one of our members to meet the minister and some of the brethren to dicuss his opinions, which he refused? I i .-Re Consisteney and Patriotism. (1) Have they not, as Socialists, rules and regulations as well as other societies? (2) Would they allow any person to enter theoir fellowship contrary to their rules? (3) Could they bear anyone to remain in their society if he would continually oppose them? (4) Would they entertain vague and ambigu- ous statements against any person ? (5) Would they suffer any man to be thrown from; his work without sufficient and attested case against him? (6) Will Mr. W. Evans tell me is it in accord- ance with the Socialistic rules and regulations to trample under feet other societies' rules and regulations, especially the Christian Society? J (7) In what church is Mr. W. Evans at present a member ? H!.—Fairness and Selfishness. (1) Did he not break up abruptly and riot- ously the Holy Communion" at Seion? (2) Who gave him the authority to perform such a presumptuous act? (3) Did he not call slanderous names on the minister that very night? (4) What influence did that action carry on the minister's work and character to the very present day ? (5) Was his action orderly and legally done ? (6) Can he point a single verse from the Word of God to justify his deed? (7) Was not a. vote of censure passed on him at the following Church meeting for his actions that Sunday night? IV.- Cruelty and Starvation. (1) Did he not resign his deaconship because the other deacons would not join with him to give notice to the minister? (2) Did he not state in the first notice that was sent to the church meeting that the minis- ter was not fit any longer to be the minister of Seion ? (3) Did he not propose in the second notice on the ground tihat the minister had a place to go? (4) Did he not base his proposal on > my wife's words? (who is now in Heaven.) (5) Did he not send the third time to the church meeting calling for the vote of the chiwch on the minister to see ff the church had the confidence in him that she should have ? (6) Was he present in that church meeting to defend his proposition? (7) How much did he contribute towards the ministry during 19102 z M By your kind permission, Sir, I shall return again to the ethics of his letter. Suffice at pre- sent will be the answers to the above questions. faithfully in Christ Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, M. J. i OiN ES. I 3 Park Terrace. Gorseinon, July 7. 1916.

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