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PENYDARREN CINEMA. For One Week only! commencing July 24th. Specially Augmented Orchestra. SHOWING DAILY AT 3, 5.30, and 7.45. MATINEE for School Children on Saturday at 11 a.m. Admission, 1d. only. ========-=- -====-====:==.======-=-===============-==-=====-===-===-====== PRICES 4d., 7d., and Is. (Tax included). The Event of the Season Don't Miss It THE WORLD'S GREATEST RECORD OF OUR EMPIRE'S HISTORY (IN SEVEN PARTS) SIXTY YEARS A QUEEN I The Life and Reign of Queen Victoria. The Educational Value of this Production, in which the utmost attention has been paid to detail, has been recognised by the Eductional Authorities in London and the Provinces. r" .1 II "_It_It, ) Merthyr Electric Theatre I I. WeeK commencing Monday, July 24th. 2 Monday Tuesday, and wedneSay- I A MAN'S SACRIFICE  I A Remarkable Tale of Gold Hunting and Romance revealed by the Marriage of a Young I8 N Couple. In Three Reels. I* 5 The Diamond from the Sky. Episode 10. I  Old Foes with Few Faces." • ? THE THUNDERBOLT-A Two-Reel Mutual Drama. j t Thursay, Friday, and Saturday- I I BY THE SHORTEST OF HEADS j I The Greatest of all Racing Dramas. I £ GREED Episode .7 to The Steel Trust I I Plot to blow up Battleship and cause War in order to enrich the Steel Magnates. 2 I H?ve you seen this Magnificent Serial? Each episode is a complete story. 8 1 The Girl of Lost Island. Episode 9. ) 2 The Dreadful Pit." 2 I The Latest News in Pictures Changed Monday and Thursday, I • Prices-3d., 6d. & Is. Children's Matinee on Saturday at 10.15—Id. only. IBII— H^ihimhJ  |THEATRE ROYAI Ij j AND"" EMPIRE PALACE, MERTHYR. ? i | jB?Esr??  TWICE NIGHTLY. 8.45. ? j I Exclusive Pictures and Vaudeville Week iI 1 Commencing Monday, July oth, igi6. t  2 I 2 ENORMOUS SUCCESS Mary Pickford in her Latest and Greatest Success- I 1- ENORMOU,sTHsE MFÖlïNDLlegNë:e;est Succeæ- 1- 1 In Four Parts. The finest Mary Picture since ?lressibel." I | The Celebrated Musical WATSONS II I The LaHgh Makers, in their original Musical sI:'A:Y2"AID'1 ? Dillon Shallard Madame Argentine j 2 The Celebrated Baritone from the Royal Opera The Famous Belgian Prima Donna, Late Opera House, 3 m House, Covent Garden, and Brussels, ■ ? PRESENT ESSENCE OF OPERA. I I POPULAR REDUCED PRICES FOR SUMMER SEASON I t ?"C?rc?e, 1/- Stalls, 9d. Pit, 6d. Ganery, 3d.?? <j S Entertainment Tax Extra. Early Doors 3d. extra to all Parts. II .It_' II II

Ystradgynlais Notes.___I

Our Appeal for Navvy Pat.I


T. E. Nicholas and Peace.

I Stanley Rees and Donald…




The Electric Theatre.