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I 46 Nation's Finest Deed.…


I 46 Nation's Finest Deed. I By the REV. W. REES, Llechryd. When war, murder and rapine were ra in Israel, Abner, the leader on one side, c i <Jj to Joab, the leader on the other side, > r. the sword devour for ever ? Knowest not it will be bitterness in the latter end? s: long shall it be, then, ere thou bid the p< a return from murdering their brethren?" ti steintly, at Abner's peaceful motion, < 0 sounded a retreat, and the war was sto ti That was the finest deed of the nation time. Trevelyan's motion for Peace at. II t-hyr backed by his comrades everyw e must be considered by every wise man as I t, finest deed of the nation to-yay. But the Bi r of London said last week at a Oonventio", a Hereford Cathedral. The finest thing thJj h tion ever did was, to go to war. The Chili 1\ should breathe courage and fortitude into nation to see this war through to the end, to brace up our boys in the trenches." Bishop, the Clergy and the Church are eq 1 patriotic. c On the same day as the Bishop praised 3 war thus at Hereford, Mr A. Ponsonby, M. letter on the war appeared in the IJf8 -1- Daily News." The contrast between Pons ií: and the Bishops and their Church is rem J able. Thus says Ponsonby:- We go on believing that military vie is the indispensable preliminary to any P Negotiations, because once war begins the I sire to win overshadows everything else. 1 need for a lasting European settlement is I 5 siglit of an d yet that IS the only rea l gain sight of; and yet that is the only real gain t f might result from the war." | 4 A dictated Peace is always a vindic ] Peace, and in those circumstances no satisf ory settlement is possible. A just Peace mi j be obtained now if oni v*tlie Statesmen co be persuaded to see the futility of any furt f sacrifice." t What makes them think that Germ crusl?d means Europe peaceful ? The policy j the German aggressive militarists has been <$ f e?uted Germany is crippled, many nations ¡¡Iii bankrupt, all nations have failed, and sufferings of the peoples is beyond description Is not that enough ? "Do not let anyone suppose we are fightio,, for liberty and justice against militarism oppression. The wrong forces are ranged aga,iv one another for such a war as that. Liber*' and justice are not in the gift of -any existW government; militarism and oppression are oha, racteristics in varying degrees of them all. Th war has yet to come. It will be the war » united Democracy against the State ttraditioi of accredited Governments." Pity that bishops and other pastors should Y: blind to the Everlasting Gospel of Ponson W and Trevelyan. Tiriel and Myratana, his wift are symbols of the pastors and their churched When the eyes of Tiriel were darkened, af Myrytana, like the Church, was fading if death Tiriel began to charge his sons, wh one of them replied saying, Old man! u worthy to be called our Father! Thou art < cruel as death, and as obdurate as the devoul j in.; pit. Thy blessing is a curse, and th j curse may be a blessing. And Har accoste the blind husband of Myrytana, and treate him as the king of rottenness and of the bonfl of death, ruling under the shades of eterni i night. So the precious sight of our bishop! and numerous pastors are sealed. Both day am night are the same to them. Sun and; mooj and stars are useless globes in the firmament 0 their churches, chapels and conventions. Th grope and wander through the vales of woe an wailing, leading the poor blind people aJon? the ways of destnwt10n into the valley of tW shadow of death—deaf to the Divine COnJl'! plaint. "Many pastors have destroyed ntf vineyard; they have trodden my portion under foot: they have made my pleasant portion i desolate wilderness; the whole land is desolate and mourneth. The many pastors are the spoil- ers in their high places, for the sword shall de- vour from one end of the land even to thgi other end of the land; no flesh shall have peace." Yet the destruction is called by the Bishop of London as "The nation's finest deed" L Yet these messengers of heaven, mesmerised by the glamour and the achievements of the khaki, are going soon to have their National Mission to revive religion in the land! What a sacred vocation? On whom are they going to pray ? Whilst all war is utterly against the' precepts of our Lord and Law-giver, and utterly against the whole spirit and tenor of His Blessed Gospel.

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