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The Vision. I


The Vision. I 'lhe fading sun illum'd the west. The weary Timid's hied to rest; The little singers sought their nest. Among the thorn, Whilst Zephyrs swept the rugged crest And Harrold's Horn. The bawling cattle waded the stream, The flow'rs awoke from winter's dream. And merrily danced in the beam Cast from the moon; A-wearily I sat to dream Near Justyn's Tomb. Beside me loom'd th' tottering kirk, Where freaky bats and owls lurk. Wherein a queen of lowly birth First saw the light, And gazed on Nature's bounteous wealth In glad delight. Alone I saw beside the tomb. Olenha,dowed by th' twilight's gloom; And as th' beams fell from th' mOQn Into the, stream, Methought there rose from out th' tomb A snow-white queen." With sparklin' eye and thoughts arrayed. I watched that hallow'd mystic shade, As gracefully she trod the blade With minty feet, Until she paused within the shade Of Barbary sweet." Wjffim her hand she clasp'd a spray Orolive blossoms fresh and gay, And as the night drove out the day. And moonbeams dance, Methought she beckoned me away With smiling glance. My ailing form with violence shook, I left the calm sequestered nook And so I drew nigh to the brook. With quickened tread; I sought the hand and overtook The living dead. Ah, me! quoth I, thou mystic shade, With peaceful emerald's gaze arrayed; Why roam'st thou the leafy glade, In tom'ly tyr? To see thee rise out of thy grave," Sets me on fire. Come, fix thy gaze upon mv form, Now tottering as the ripened corn, That falls before the scythe at mom To rise no more. Why needest thou one so forlorn, And bard so poor? With mellow voice she made reply, List not to those that God defie, That lieedest not the widow's cry And orphan wails; That strive cruel war to justify With slick-tongued tales. For they their brothers do encoil With laws that bind in wreath-like foil, And drive them out to till the soil Whilst they doth sup The choicest fruits of brothers' toil I From luxury's cup. They are no friends of mortal man, That do distrust God's holy plan, And fetter down their fellow man With fleacing laws. Whilst they may sit to dream and plan Cruel hideous wars. But said the shadow unto me, With waking dawn methinks I see v The Olive spray cross o'er the sea. •From land to land, And all men wake in liberty, Come "hand in hand. MANFIELD. I


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