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iTHEATRE ROYAV I I T t!N!E,IiY L I | 6.45. TWICE NIGHTLY. 8.45. | I 6.45.. TWICE NIGHTLY. 8:45 I i Week commencing Monday, July 10th. 1916. I The Story of the Angelus 1 ■ I By Dorothy Mullord, author of "Dicky's Mother," "Son of a Soldier," "Which was Oae ft ? Greater Love ? In the Hands of the Huns," &c. I I DOROTHY MULLORD as "ANGELA." I I During the evening, Fred Clifford wi)l sing-The Story the Angel1 Told. Written jj and composed by Patrick Sullivan expressly for this piece. IThe Incidental Number-To the Angels—by permission of Ricordi & Co. I j POPULAR REDUCED PRICES FOR SUMMER SEASON I t ??C!rc!e, 1/- Stalls,9d. Pit, 6d. GaHery, 3c!? t L- Entertainment Tax Extra. Early Doors 3d. extra to all Parts. II r" II II II Merthyr Electric Theatre 5 WeeK eommencing Monday, July loth. ? Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday— 8 AS A MAN SOWS! (  Or, THE QUEEN OF THE SLUMS. I < Accompanied by the Famous Cyfarthfa Juvenile Choir (40 Voices). I I" THE DIAMOND FROM THE SKY. Part 8. The interest increases as ths story jt is unfolded, and may be started to-day. —————————— I ThursdaÔORÂi SitUrday- I, I CORAL! (  A BIT OF HUMAN FLOTSAM! A Bison Production of Great Merit. 1 I GREED! Episode 5. The Strugle between Larnigan and the Trusts Coltinues, ) What Happens to Larnigan ? i THE GIRL OF LOST !SLAND. Part 7. The Sun Worshippers. I I Sensation follows Sensation What a Wonderful Film Start it to-day, or regret I ? you have not done so. I IThe Latest News in Pictures Changed Monday and Thursday. I j FREE LIST ENTIRELY SUSPENDED. I ? Prics-3d., 6d. & 15. Children's Matinee on Saturday at 10.15—Id. only. 2  6d. & 19. Cbildren's  MANDRY'S PRIZE DRAWING POSTPONED WALTER MANDRY'S (Aberdare) PRfZE (, DRAWING POSTPONED from July 5 until SEPTEMBER 5, 1916. 'Phone 597. 'Phone 507. WILLIAM TRESEDER, Ltd. THE NURSERIES, CARDIFF. WREATHS, CROSSES, CUT FLOWERS, &c. BEDDING PLANTS. Asters, Stocks, Dahlias, Marguerites, Lobelia, &c. Tels TRESF,DER, FLORIST, C ARDIFF. THERE IS ONLY ONE OINTMENT THAT CURES And this is snpplied by Chemists and the MANNINA OINTMENT CO., FISHGUARD, And is sold in Three Strengths—1, 2 & 3. Owing to depletion of Staff, the Stock must be re- duced, consisting of Clothing, Boots, Bedding, etc. At HARRIS'S, 5 Castle Street, Merthyr TROEDYRHIW MOUNT ZION CH^CHCH ANNIVERSARY. The Sunday School of the above church held its armiverary services on Sunday last. At, the mor- ning service, the pastor (Rev. E. R. Davies, B A ) gave a very interesting address. A sacred service of song was rendered in the afternoon. The choir and children, un der the leadership of Mr John Davies, did full credit to the efforts put forward. The services, which were well at- tended throughout the day, proved quite a suc- cess. On Monday, owing to the unsettled wea- ther the tea was held in the Mount Zion Hall. from whence all present proceeded to take part in gai-nes otc, to a field" which was kindly lent by Mr Williams, of Penrhiwronen Farm. DEATH OF LIBuT. BURROW$.v-"—It is with deep regret thai we have to chronicle the death, 1, from wounds received at the front, of Lieut. Burrows, only son of Mr Burrows the Gen- eral Manager of the Merthyr and Troedyrhiw Co-operative Society. The news, which reached Merthyr on Wednesday night, occasioned a feeling of deep regret1 and keen sympathy with the bereaved family, amongst the many people to whom the deceased Lieutenant was known, and to whom he had endeared himself by his charm of personality and good fellowship. OUR PRINTING IS GOOD. OUR TERMS ARE MODERATE. OUR STAFF IS TRADES-UMONIST, rAjkl we give a guaranteed undartaking to DELIVER IN TIME.


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