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r" It II It It n_n_ i Merthyr Electric Theatre I • WeeK commencing Monday, July 3rd. | ? Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday- I ) HER LIFE IN LONDON ) j| The Exciting Experiences of a Girl in London. Four Parts. Featuring Fred Morgan, 2 8 the blind criminal. 1 I A QUIET GAME The Funniest Qf Crimes by BURNS & STOLL. I } THE DIAMOND FROM THE SKY. Part VH. The Fox and the Pig." J I END OF THE GALLEY Sensational Story of the Sea. B ? Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- I  THE ISLE OF CONTENT j j I A Selig Masterpiece in Three Parts. I I THE GIRL OF LOST ISLAND. Part 6. "The Gun Runners." See how this S ? geat strong story unfolds with thrill after thrill. ■ I GREED! Episode 4. Robbing the People of BrMd. Bruce Fights the 6rain Trust, I ? Each part complete in itself. B  J  The Latest News in Pictures Changed Monday and Thursday. I t COMING SHORTLY-" AS A MAN SOWS." I I Prics-3d., 6d. & 1s. Children's Matinee on Saturday at 10.15—td. only. ■ j THEATRE ROYAI I r" AND EMPIRE PALACE, MERTHYR. I IT H A RE Ru'4?YA Li AND EMPIRE PALACE, MERTHYR. 1==.e;C:lY 3d. ;;i. IWeeK commencing Monday, July 3rd, 1916. t WeeK commencing Monday, July 3rd, 1916. t I MISS EVA ELWES and Her Powerful Company | I MISS EVA EL:t :=e=:e=rfUI c.ompanv I OY, Sister of Mercy  By EVA ELWES, I I Author of "Pals," "Mother Mine," "His Mother's Rosary," "The Woman Pays j I 5 Back," "The Sunshine of Paradise Alley," "Should a Woman H  Forgive ? &c., &c, 1- N POPULAR REDUCED PRICES FOR SUMMER SEASON! I I ??C!rc!e,l/- Sta!!s,9d. Pit,6d. GaHery,3d."?j WEEK Commencing MONDAY, JUNE 19th, 19?6.  Entertainment Tax Extra. Early D°°r^^| ^j^|| to 3,1 PartS" J The Licensing (Consolidation) Act, 1910. The Licensing (Consolidation) Act, igio. NOTICES AS TO SENDING IN CLAIMS TO BE TREATED AS PERSONS INTERESTED IN PUBLIC HOUSES. COUNTY BOROUGH OF MERTHYR TYDFIL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Compensation Authority for the afbove area having decided at their Principal Meeting, held on the 19th day of June, 1916, to refuse the resewal of the Licences of the Premises specified below, all persons claiming to be interested in any of the said Premises for the purpose of the payment of Compensation under the said Act (other than the Licensee and the Registered Owner of the said PremISes) are reqULroo to send to the Compensation Authority Notice of the* Claims before the 22nd day of July 1916, for the purpose of enabling the Compensation Authority to ascertain in manner provided by the Liœnsing Rules, 1910, the persons entitled to Compensation under the said Act in respect to the said Premises. ?  No? ?oT Claims must be given in the forn. annexe? amI may b,? sent to the CM of the Compensation Authority at his Office: —Magistrates Clerk Offices, Merthyr Tydfil. LIST OF LICENSFTJ PREMISES. Name and Situation of Nature of Licen.e License Registered Owner Premises Lewis 'Jones BeerhoLise Castle, Pengarnddu Mary Williams, Full Moon, Twynywaun Joel Chivers Beerhouse Clarence, Troedyrhiw. D. F. Pritchard, Ltd., The Brewery, Crumlin William Haines Alehouse Traveller's Rest, Heol- Mary Jane Jones, 10 gerrig Groesfaen Terrace, Deri Anu Maria Perry i Alehouse Three Salmons, Three Samuel Allsop & Sons, Salmon Street, Brewers, Burton-on- o Merthys Trent, Mervyn Ed- ward George Wing- field & Harriet Diana Arabella Mary Mack- intosh c/o Shirley and Sons, Solictors, Albert Chambers, Cardiff Dated the 28th day of July. 1916. TOM ELIAS, Clerk to the Compensation Authority. The Licensing (Consolidation) Act, 1910. NCTICE OF CLAIM TO BE TREATED AS A PERSON INTERESTED IN PREMISES. COUNTY BOROUGH OF MERTHYR TYDFIL. TO THE OOMPENSATION AUTHORITY FOR THE ABOVE AREA. N'OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that I, A.B., claim to be 'interested for the purpose of Com- ..I. pensation under the Licensing (Consolidation) Act, 1910. in the Licensed Premises known as and specified below. The Particulars of my Claim are as follo,.vs:- LICBfti-SED PREMISES IN RESPECT OF WHICH MY CLAIM IS MADE. Name and Situation of ? Nature of License Licensee Registered Owner Premises i v I'  ? ? } :—— —! Signature of Claimant: Date ————— — ¡ — PLEASE MENTION THE PIONEER lw MENTION THIS PAPER WHOW ANSWERI-NG ADVERTS. WH EN YOU BUYI WH BN AWER1NG ADVERTS. I WHEN YOU BUY! 'Phone 597. 'Phone 597. I WILLIAM TRESEDER, Ltd. THE NURSERIES, CARDIFF. WREATHS, CROSSES, CUT, FLOWERS, &c. BEDDING PLANTS. Asters, Stocks, Dahlias, Marguerites, Lobelia, SlC. Tels TRESEDER, FLURIST, CARDIFF. THERE IS ONLY ONE OINTMENT THAT CURES And this is supplied by Chemists and the MANNiNA OINTMENT CO., FISHGUARD, And is sold in Three Strengths—1, 2 & 3. SALE! Owing to depletion of Staff, the Stock must be re- duced, consisting of Clothing, Boots, Bedding, etc. HI HARRIS'S, 5 Gastla Stmt. Merthyr

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