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Theatre Royal.


Theatre Royal. Although it has been difficult during the last few days to forget the naval battle of Friday last, and the tra.gic loss of Lord Kitchener and j his staff again this werek, sufficiently to turnj one's attention to amusement, those of us who did venture fnto the cosy Theatre Royal did manage to find a soporific for the trying times; a soporific that was compounded principally of hearty laughter, and appreciation of good mu- sic. Certainly we deverted to the topics of the hour during the interval, but they were passing references, and were quickly lost in the discus- sion of the bill—and, iveil, one doesn't go into the bar to talk only. Anyway, there are three turns there that I enjoyed perfectly; three turns that are gems of their distinctive class of the entertainers' a-ilt, ankl I somehow feel that I would like to mention them all first, so as to show no pref- erence; but, unfortunately, that is impossible. First of all, there is the Lawrence Wright Co., with excellent music, wonderfully well done, in a setting that charms one from his simple beauty. The Lawi,en Wright Company are do- ing a grand educational work, because they are four musicians: musicians not in the vaguely general sense that one speaks in to denote a singer or player of instruments, but musicians in. the conservatoire, or advanced concert hall sense of the word. The baritone is one of the finest that I have heard, with a wonderfully mellow, yet powerful and reasoned voice; the soprano does full justice to the score; the vio- linist is that rarest 04: musieians-a violinist. There is a much more marked distance between Til c-i-e is a Dlore, riia,i. violinists and fiddlers than the man in the street ipiagilles. The Lawrence Wright perfor- foriner is a violinist; and the pianist, too, is an executant of fine ability with a poet's soul to give expression to rippling molodv. The programme is entirely compounded from the charming works of Horatio Nicholls, which will certainly have a far greater vogue than hith- erto i'n Merthyr. Ridiculous R.ecco, the bur- lesque acrobat, is equally as great or greater I even in his own particular line. He is always go ing to do something which he misses by a shave—but what fun there is m the missing. It is no exaggeration to say that if one gets in at the interval, sees Ridiculous Reeco and CORlOS ¡ out, the price of a circle seat will have been l,a t wil l have b(?eii well spent; I can't "say fairer than that," can 1. Recco ? Then there is Miss Alice Craven (the Lancashire Vera Wootten). That is how she was described to me by a Merthyrian, but I don't agree, for as l a Lancastrian the dialietic I touch thttt she has lifts her above even her clever sister comedienne. Then there is Rowland Hill in an excellent number, and Lio Hoi Tschsn, the Chinese artist, whose show is very clever. Indeed, with an improvement in his setting, he would compare with some of the more conspicuous Chinese artistes favourably. Pardoiie Me! But next week you daren't miss the Theatre if you do enjoy a great laugh; for the bright and breezy revue of that name is coming, with its inventors, the famous James and Herbert Jewel, figuring in the ca?te. It is the all-star caste that has won for "Pardon 1\ Me!" the eulogies of the my and theatrical press of the Metropolis. From all accounts it is one of the most delicious and delightful trifles that has been sent on tour. Besides the Jewels, there are such well-known revue names as Clar- ice Paney, Ella lAscoe; Charles Den nan Bert Snowden and .Fred Marsh playing leading parts, and a big bevy of beauties to help them along, j In addition there is M. Dubin, the Russian ten- or. and Rosie in the "Cossack's GoG-clbve", i and the cinema. 0 PLAYGOER. 11 .I MERTHYR MERTRYR "Yoote SWEAR WILL GOT YOU MOBS." "We ha??c decided to inC1:aS<:J our fines for profane language it has become so prevalent in Mer- thyr," said Mr It. A. Griffith (Stipendiary) at Merthyr on Tuesday. In future the minimum fine will apparently, be 12/6. STOM OLD IRON.—Deseribed as a haulier, Jo- seph Rees was sentenced to six riot-itlisl im- prisonment with hard labour by the Merthfrr Magistrates on Tuesday for stealing some old iron and violently assaulting Harry Spiller, a labourer, employed at the Thomastown Brick- works. Spiller said that when he remonstrated with Rees for taking the iron defendant "jump- ed at him like a mad dog," knocked him down, and kicked him in. the face. There was a struggle, "and then he finished me," added Sp.iTlelt. who wag beaten senseless." How -FRGE SPEECH IS UPHELD.—The Peace Meeting which was ansounced for Cefn to-night (Friday) has been postponed owing to the faet that the deacons of tlte chapel which had been let to tha Council were informed that in the event of the meeting being held the windows woul be broken. They withdrew their consent to let the building under the circumstances- ANOTHER "SCRAP OF PAPBR."—R'e&entlj the drapers and outfitters of Merthyr voluntarily signed, a. round-robin agreeing to close their premises as usual on Whit Monday and Tues- day. The bills were all displayed, but, unfortu- nately, one firm thought that the interests of the nation demanded their ope-aing on Tuesday, and so, without explanation to the other signa- tories, expunged the Tuesday. Subsequently the Chamber of Trade, at which no representative of the drapers or outfitters was present—decid- ed that it would be a good example, to the min- ers to open the shops all next week, and a letter to this effect was sent out by the Secre- tary with the result that the firm that had already curtailed decided to fall in line, and displayed the letter announcing their intention to open Monday and Tuesday. So far the other signatories have not intimated their intention of altering the two days' holiday. We do not dispute the one firm's right to act as they have; but in courtesy to the others who had signed the "scrap of paper" surely they could have notified their intention to the initiators of the two days' closure movement. DOWLAIS FAMILY KKIFE STRUGGLE, At Merthyr last Friday, Saturnina. Ygleseas. a Spanish woman, of Wind Street, Dowlais, was charged with un- lawfully wounding Tane Lahuerta, her sister- in-law, by cutting her with a knife on Wed- nesday.The prosecutrix deposed that during the course Oin struggle with the prisoner fol- lowing a quarrel, her hand was cut by a kmfe with which the defendant had been cleaning potatoes.—The Stipendiary (Mr R. A. Griffith) in dismissing the charge on payment of costs, remarked that it appeared to be 'a family squabble." THEFT BY £ 3 A WEEK BOYS .Vhen three Dow- lais boys were charged at Merthyr on Tuesday with stealing seven pennyworth of oranges from a fruiterer's shop window, it was stated that two. aged 16, earned V,2, and the other, aged 15 years, R3 a week.-They were seen by Sergt. Bevan on their way home from work to take the oranges througli a previously broken win- dow pane.—A fine of 20/- was imposed in each case.

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