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I The Process of Final Appeal

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The Process of Final Appeal FORMS USED BY CENTRAL TRIBUNAL. The following copies of the forms sent out to appellants whose cases have to go before the Central Appeal Tribunal will be interesting to our readers. A well-kuown Welsh Democrats- one of the few who have been allowed to carry their Conscientious Objection to the higher I Court—has favoured us with the copies: C.T. 81. CENTRAL TRIBUNAL. Queen Anne's Chambers, I 28 Breadway. Westminster. S.W., 2nd May, 1916. Local Tribunal. Subject: Appeal re Sir,—I am desired by the Central Tribunal to state that before deciding this appeal from the decision of the Appeal Tribunal for Glamorgan —they will be prepared to consider any further representations you may wish to make, provid ed they are submitted in writing wJthm 5 days of the date of this letter. The Appeal Tribunal state:— This man desired to have absolute ex- emption. He said non-combatant service would not meet his wishes, and refused the same. He said he could not do anything connected with war of any kind. He refer- red to the Local Government Board's Circu- lar of the 23rd March, 1916. The Appeal Tribunal, having had the appel- lant before them, exempted him from com- batant service only, as they thought that that exemption would meet the case. This was also the decision of the Local Tribunal. The appellant's version of the Tribunal's opinion as to their powers is not correct." The Central Tribunal will be glad to receive replies to the questions on the annexed sche- dule. Yours faithfully, (Signed) J. W. RENDING. For Central Tribunal. Appeal Tribunal. Glamorgan. Man to whom the Appeal Relates Reference No. APPLICATIONS ON GROUNDS OF CON- SCIENTIOUS OBJECTION. N.B.—It must be clearly understood that, to justify exemption on grounds of conscience, it is not sufficient to show that opinions are held against war: there must be proof of genuine conscientious conviction. The replies to the following questions should be numbered to correspond with the questions; and it is requested that they be written on a separate sheet. This form should be return- ed with the replies — 1—State precisely on what grounds you base your objections to combatant service. 2—If you object also to non-combatant ser- vice, state precisely your reasons. 3-Would you be willing to join some branch of military service engaged not in the destruction, but in the saving of life; if not, state precisely your reasons. 4—(a) How long have you held the con- scientious objections expressed above? (b) What evidence can you produce in sup- port of your statement? 5-(a) Are you a member of a religious body; and if so, what body r (b) Is it one of the tenets of this body that no member must engage in any military service whatsoever ? (c) Does the body penalise in any way a members who does engage in military service? If so, in what way ? (d) When did you become a member of that body ? 6—(a) Are you a member of any other body one of whose princples is objection to all forms of military service? And if so, what body? (b) When did you become a member? 7—Can you state any sacrifice which you have made at any time because of the con- scientious objections which you now put for- ward ? 8—(a) Assuming that your eonsoientious objections were established, would you be willing to undertake some form of national service at this time of critical need? (b) What particular kind of national ser- vice would you be willing to undertake? (State all the different kinds.) (c) Have you, since the war broke out, been engaged in any form of philanthropic or other work for the good of the community ? If so, give particulars. (d) What sacrifice are you willing to make to show your willingness, without violating your conscience, to help your country at the present time? 9-(a) If you are not willing to undertake any kind of work of national importance as a condition of being exempted from mili- tary service, state precisely your reasons; and also (b) How do you reconcile your enjoying the privileges of British citizenship with this re- fusal?

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