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Merthyr Conscientious Objectors. I SIX OF THEM BEFORE THE MAGIS- I I TRATES. THE NEEDLESS PARADE OF FORCE. '?ix of the Merthyr Conscientious Objectors-I David Williams; Herbert A. Davies, M.A. (Hons, Oxon); D. Lewis Henry Thomas Rich- ard John Nicholas; and John Alfred Lewis- appeared before the Stipendiary (Mr R. A. Griffith) and other magistrates at Merthyr on Tuesday, charged with failing to report them- selves under the Military Service Act. The Clerk (Mr T. Elias) asked the defend- ants whether they admitted the offence, to which Herbert A. Davies replied, "We do not admit the offence." Captain Morgan Thomas, the Recruiting Of- ficer for Merthyr, called a clerk from the Re- cruiting Office, who stated that he had posted the requisite notices to the defendants. The Stipendiary: Did you send them by the registered post ?-N 0, sir. Stipendiary: That is no evidence of delivery. You are called upon to produce evidence of de- livery. Military Representative I have police evid- ence to prove that the notices were received. Stipendiary That is what I want. Dropping a letter in the post is no evidence that a man has received it. especially in these days when so much is lost in the post The Military Representative further claimed that the Proclamation under the Act which had been posted in the Parish was sufficient not- ice. and asked for a ruling,on this. The Stipendiary said he would not give a rul- ing at that juncture. It was ,however, found that the Military Representative had handed to the Clerk of the Court duplicate copies of the entries on the books keut at the Recruiting Depot, and this was held by the Stipendiary to constitute sufficient evidence. On these duplic- ate sheets were written the remarks or facts of admission of receipt of the notices of the de- fendants. David Lewis' sister was reported to have said. My brother does not intend going until he is fetched/' to which Lewis in court replied,. I am not responsible for that re- mark. WilHams (of Dowlais) was reported to replied" Williams (of Dowlais) was reported to have said" I do nnt nit?T"? s'o until they come for me. On being asked if they had any questions to ask, H. A. Davies said, I submit that Lieutenant Thomas has no proof of delivery." The Stipendiary: I can put you into the witness box. Do you want to be put into the witness box and to say on oath that you did not receive itp H. A. Davies: No, six- I submit that it is his duty to prove that. Speaking for the six, H. A. Davies later said: In the first place I do not admit that I am an absentee. Lieutenant Thomas has referred to us as deserters. That we cannot be. De- sertion is not proved. Stipendiary: Why not ? Failing to report yourselves is desertion. I fail to see how we can be deserters from an army we have never joined. The very fact that the Government has said that we are ab- sentees, does not make us so. The Stipendiary said that he could not go into this, and Herbert then asked that the case should be adjourned since Lord Kitchener had a scheme to deal with conscientious ob- jectors. The Stipendiary We cannot deal with that. It has been disposed of b" the Tribunal. But the Tribunal did not go into our case. Stipe-ndiary: We oa/nnot deal with that. I maintain that Lord Kitchener's scheme— stipendiary: No! No! I cannot go into that. j A fine of 40/- was imposed in each of the six cases and the men remanded to await a I military escort. As they left the dock Mr H. A. Davies said, I shall obev no orders. A huge crowd had gathered inside the court to hear the case, and outside to wait for the decision; and on hearing that the men were to leave under escort by the 12.50 for Cardiff the crowd flocked down to the station With eminent good sense the Chief Constable had arranged with the ooys" to go quietly under an escort of one unarmed N.C.O. from the Merthyr Depot; and accompanied by Corporal Jones they qut m an appearance quietly on the platform, only to be recalled to the Town Hall to await an armed military escort which had been notified by telegraph from Cardiff at the last moment. Why it was necessary to parade this force when the men had promised to go quietly with the one man, has not been explained, and certainly it has served no use- ful purpose. Rather, it has stirred up re- sentment, and there was much said on Tues- day morning in the malH street about making an "exhibition" of the "boys." At all events the fruit, and good wishes showered upon the "boys" shows clearly that in Merthyr, at all events, the public sympa- thy is far from being alienated from the Con- scientious Objector. The armed guard arrived at 5.40, and the "boys" were removed to Cardiff by the 5.45. We understand that they expected to be re- moved on Wednesday to Kinmel Park.

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