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Aberdare District Miners'…


Aberdare District Miners' Federation. NON-OBSERVANCE OF NEW AGREEMENTI The monthly meetng of the above was held I on Moiaday evening, under the presidency of Mr Johnnv Griffiths, Gadlys. Non-Unionist Question at Collieries. I Complaints were made against the manage- ments of certam collieries of not having sub- mitted a list of names and addresses of the workmen employed; and against the manage- ments of other collieries of refusing to see that certain workmen whose namoo had been sub- mitted had joined the Federation. This, it was pointed out, was in direct contravention of the arrangement come to by the South Wales Ooalowners and the South Wales Min- ers' Federation.—The matter was referred to the Agent to interview the respective man- agements, and failing a settlement to take tiie necessary steps in accordance with the temils of the agreement.—A meetipg of lodge secre- taries will be held at the Miners' Office on Wednesday evening, 31st inst., to hear further reports on the matter. The Agent, in his report, dealt with the application made by the workmen's represen- tatives for an advance of 15 per cent, on the present wage rate. He agreed with his 00- representatives that the workmen were en- titled to more, but that the amount asked for was something which they felt the Independ- ent Chairman, after hearing their case, would have no difficulty in granting. Special Conference of the M.F.G.B The Agent, in reporting on the Special. Con- ference held last week, stated that a resolution was passed against the suspension of the Eight Hours Act and against the reduction of the age limit- for boys engaged underground. As to the 60 hours question, the surface-boys ques- tion the holidays, and the avoidable absentee- ism these matters were referred to the com- mittee for consideration at a joint meeting ,t t ?,, lo rit i-ti ti with the coalowners. Employment of Women. In Scotland and Lancashire large numbers of women are at present employed on the sur- face of the mines; but in South Wales the practice has been done away with, the work being regarded as totally unfitted for female labour. This matter was referred back to each distrist to consider separately.


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