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Navvy Pat's Views. I


Navvy Pat's Views. I We were waiting for Pat; Sandy had secured Pat's lump of chalk, and was busy defacing the wall by erratic attempts to draw further results from Pat's figures, while Tinker .Frank was coaxing him to work out the ratio that the cost of barley and hops bears to the 4d per pint charged for beer, and Josie as eager- ly praying him to work out the reason why tobacco, which leaves the plantations at 3d to 1 per lb and absorbs half its weight of water during manufacture, should reach us as twist at 5d per oz or Franklen's best at 6d. On Pat's arrival Sandv shoved the other two aside, and demanded an explanation of about two square yards of undecipherable fig- ures but Pat wasn't having ang. I'm done wid figgers for a bit, Sandy; ye've got all that's needed, only wan little bit I'm keepin' till the colliers' Messiah comes; he mayn't need it. an' may tell me to go an' taich me grandmother to suck eggs, but if he s genuine an' has missed that wan little bit he shall have it joyfully, an' it'll make his work a lot aisier, an' it's meself hopes that he'll win back all we've lost an' have a jolly good shot at what we ought to have, but never had. Send he come soon before our adult in- fants have thrown away all our earnins; if I gave it out now our leaders an' the coal ow- ners would sure make an agreement that wud stop it ivver being used again. I'll just lave this wid ye to chew on an' make the best ov coal has risen 2 9 since the last drop, and must therefore be 23/6 or more now that is three times the owld stan- dard scllin' price so if the coal owner gave us three times our owld standard wages, he wud have for himself three times his profit an' three times the other costs ov production to pay them costs out ov an' put the rest in his pocket, an' then he has all that he gets ofr small coal wid only truck hire an' train fare to pay out ov it. Our leaders know all that, an' they knock 5 per cent off the 20 per cent they had decided to ax for and fight for if needful, an' if they get their 15 per cent demand that'll give us 40 5-6ths per cent new standard, aiqual to llli per cent owld: take off Ii} per cent war bonus, leaves 934" per cent just 1061 per cent less than they cud afford to pay us, for they cud afford 200 per cent advance, or three times our owld-stand- ard wages, as I've shown ye. Why don't our nmoomooops force the coal owners to make some sacrifice for industrial peace in these cri- tical. times? Are we alone to make sacrificeso An' why don't -ve, the duffers to put on the screw? 0 f I cud smash ver heads wid this lump ov chalk: so I cud! Let's change the subjeck." "Luk here Dad Ait her you. or the "Pio- neer" comp has left out Ireland whin ye men- tioned the people that was to form the united nation under the red. white an' blue wid a splash of green added; but I think our Irish comrades will understand the omission wasn't intended, an' Asq null's eone to Ireland to see what's to be done. God'give him sense to lave Irish affairs in Irish hands, an' not causw more trouble in the country that gives us some of the best men in the trenches. Now for Soshalism! I've preached it in Pandy Square when ve cudn't mention So- shalism. an' expect to carry all ver teeth home foun d the SoshaJist wid ye. But I haven't found the SoshaJist Partv w hose rules I cud accept tho willm' to work wid any or all ov them. The first puzzle I give ve is Christian Soshalisni the, biggest puzzle ov the lot. an' laidin on to Empire an' war as ve'll see,. There's three great divisions of Christian -the Church of Koine, the Greek Church, an the Prodestant Churches. We'll lave out the Greek Church, for I know little or nuthm about it; but if ye're goin' to make Christian iby part ov your Soshalism. how are ye goin: to keep the peace between Catholic an Prodestant, Calvinist an' Evangelical. bet- ween any two sects into which the Prodestants h,ave split? Durin' the first thousand years vr Christianity, Europe was drenched wid Christian blood shed in Christian wars of ag- gression, wars for supremacy, an' Christian persecution sent to the stake Christian, Jew, Turk. Pagan an' Infidel; all higgledy-piggledy; it come first served. "IJuher the fimt Prodestant. broke the power ov the Pope, but that did not stop persecution. for Calvin burned Servetus at the stake, an' 300 more went to scaffold or stake, avL" fmes. imprisonment or torture was the lot ov 1,006 more all by the order ov this man, who gave his name to one ov the Christian doctrines—Calvinism. The Mayflower carried the Pilgrim Fathers to America s'eeking freedom to worship God after their own fashion, an as soon as they settled an' got power they -started persecutin' the Anabaptists an' Qua- kers. Read the History ov England an luk at the Wood that was shed on field and scaff- old by the Churches ov Rome an' England try- iin' -to knock wan another out. and how Hen- ry the Eighth got the title from the Pope 4iat our King George still bears, "Defender of the Faith" and how he afterwards kicked out the priests an' collared their lands an treasures, an' established the Church ov Etag- lmd- -,o as he cud marry Ann Boleyn an chop off her head to make room for the next wife. An' read ov Scotland, how the Coven- anters were hunted down by Claverhouse, an Archbishop Sharpe was murdered on Magus Muir an' how Cardinal Beat on was murdered an' thrown out ov the very window at which he had before sat. an' watched the burnin' ov Wish art I think it was. Ye cudn't keep the peace unless ye had a separate party for aich, sect, an' that wudn't do at all. at a-M. whia ye'd got all the people converted to Soshalism. air set up yer Soshalist Guvvernment, for .ye'd have to make room for Freethinkers, Ag- nostics. Atheists, Infidels; call 'em what ye e the":re all the same—and daoent fellows most ov 'em-an' ye have Jews an' Turks an' Nigger* an' Hindoos an' Parsees and honderds more; an' Soshalism proclaims equal rights an' opportunities an' priviledges for all. An' how the Divvel are ye goin' to give 'em that un- tier C"hristian Soshalism-F I' cud fancy them hav- inr»- i' t under Freet-hought Soshalism, for Freethought is perfect freedom ov thought, speech or action, so. long as ye dont interfere wid tli, other fellow's freedom. But ye I aever had that sort ov freedom wiiere Christ- iamiiv was in. power. Just luk at the K-non- dda. where the N on conformist Conscience ru-ies the Councils, an' we can't get a hall iar a ■concert on. a Sunday for the wounded. an our Guvvernment won't make enuff provisi_ on for the wounded to keep them beyond the need or eliarity, an' one of the Councillor openm itie kails wud be endewhr Atheism, Athe- ists helped to elect them. an' more fools they! "An' then look at our Empire wid every selurion in the world under it: how wud ye wurk Christian Soshalism there Aaisy. sez W, ? Give all our dependencies their free- dom. let- us stand alone an' look. after ourselves. Vwv good r I'll admit we did a lot or free- beotin' an' :fillibusterÎn' in the past, for which m lot ov our Generals an' Admirals an' the Kings a.n' Queens an' politicians who sent 'em eut shui have been shot, honged or beheaded, r • I accord in' to their rank, but we only followed the fashion ov the bigger nations an' out a- head ov most ov 'em, and if we hadn't done so, all ov the world that's in jur Empire wud hav fallen into the hands ov some ov the other na- tions an' we very likely along wid 'em, for we wudn't have been mistress ov the seas; an' now that civilisation is improvin' our morals, there is no nation that treats its dependencies as we do; an' havin' conkered or annexed 'em we've saddled ourselves wid the duty ov de- fendin' 'em, for if we give 'eun uo they'll be snapped up by nations that'll trate 'em worse than we do-ve see where wa,r comes in—an' so vonr plan won't work. No, hoys; ye haven't solved the puzzle ov Christian Soshalism, and ye never will. Christ- ianity is wan ov many ways ov preparin' for the next world ov which not wan ov us knows anything, and every man is free to prepare in his own way; an' neither parson, priest, prel- ate or politician has any right to interfere wid him Soshalism is a preparation for getting the best out ov this world, and it dales wid things we all understand; bread an' cheese, and meb- bee a drop ov beer, wid praps an onion or two or some other fruit, an' spuds an' steaks or chops for a change, an' boots an' shoes an' clothes, an' houses an' bykes an' motor-cars, an' movin' pictere an' footballs an' crioket stumps an' boxiag gloves an' ivrv thing that goes to make this world a place where life is worth livin'. An' we Understand all them things an' can agree about their production and distribution, an' there can be no quarrel- in' where every wan serves accordin" to his ability, an' receives according to his needs. But there's more puzzles yet about Sosh- alism."

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