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" Teachers and the War."

Peace By Negotiation. I


Peace By Negotiation. MFMOPIAI TO THE PRIME MINISTER. A large and representative committee has been formed for the purpose of securing sig- natures to a Memorial to the Prime Minister, "urging H.M. Government > 0 seek the earliest opportunity of promoting negotiations with the object of securing a just and lasting peace." The object of .the Memorialists is not to ham- per, but to help the Government by demonstra- ting that there are hundreds of thousands of men and women who will eagerly support it in any step it may take to secure by negotia- tio-M a settlement that is just and a peace that is likely to be lasting. The Manifesto of the Memorial states that the unnecessary prolongation of this bitten struggle, even for a single day. when every hour costs so much in terms of human life, and economic loss., is an unpardonable atrocity, but that such is inevitable if the war is per- mitted to drag on until one side, if not both, are exhausted. The offices of the Committee are at 47 New Broad Street, London. E.C., and the Honorary Secretary is the Rev. Herbert Dnnnico, who v^ill be glad to hear from those willing to assist.

" Is Democracy Possible?"


The Case for the Light Employment…

~( ,Letter from a Man in the…



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Gardening Notes.