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Merthyr Electric Theatre BIG ATTRACTIONS NEXT WEEK I Monday to Wednesday- ROYAL LOVE! A Powerful Five-Reel Drama of Intrigue and Love. r Episode I-The Wonder Serial- DIAMOND FROM THE SKY! To be continued every Monday to Wednesday until complete. 30 Episodes. Ask for a Booklet. Thursday to Saturday -An Absorbing Picture- GARDEN OF LIES! Trans-Atlantic Production in Four Parts. Monday to Saturday—Expensive Engagement of MONTANA JOE The Original "Cowboy" Lecturer, assisted by his World-Renowned Pony "Snowball." Montana Joe will Lecture to his Film- Monday to Wednesday-" Saved by his Horse." Thursday to Sat.—" He Rode for his Life." Montana Joe will parade the Streets daily with his pony Snowball. Come Early and Secure Your Seat. PRICES AS USUAL PLUS TAX COMING! The Great Serial-THE GIRL OF LOST ISLAND Read the Tale in this week's Tit-Bits." r II "_11_" It It jTHEATRE ROYAT1 AND EMPIRE PALACE, METHY. ?? 8j I 6.4S. TWICE NIGHTLY. 8-45. I s Monday, May 22nd, 1916, and during the Week. MILLER and LYLES ) (Blessed with Ignorance, 2 t The World-Famed PASQUALI BROS., Tumblers and Equilibrists. ) MISS HILDA LETHWAITE, the Popular Mezzo-Soprano. = I j HARRY RUSSELL, Comedian, and his Conductor. I ? PHIL RALLIS TRIO, the Crazy Ragmen. Latest Topical Films on the Bloscope I The BROTHERS HORN,  In their Comic Boxing Sketch, entitled—"The Biter Bit." I I PRICES OF O. Boors Circle Tax Stalls Tax Pit Tax Gallery Tax II t PRICES OF 0. Is. 6d. 2d. j Is. Od. 2d. I 6d. M I 3d. Id X ADMtSStON E. Doors | 2s. Od. 2d. 1s.6d. 2d. 9d. '2d. I 4d? Id. j i. It II .i OWING TO DEPLETION OF STAFF The Sate Stock must be reduced at HARRI!BIVS 5 CASTLE STREET W MERTHYR. N.B.-Money advanced upon all Valuables. Charges strictly in accordance with ActTof Parliament. "THE SPUR." Because the Workers need a Spur. Edited by GUY A. ALDRED. Kartoened by KRITIKOS." The Enemy of every God, the Foe of every King, Flies only the Red Flag. Single copies—Post free, I 2d. annual subscrip- tion, Is. 6d. APRiL ISSUE NOW ON SALE. Special No-Conscription and Anti-Tribunalitis Number. Together with Miscellaneous Collection Aldreus Literature, worth 3s. Od.; po-it free, Is. 6d. Published at 17 Richmond Gardens, Shepherd's Bush, London, W. THERE 18 OfIJLY ONE OINTMENT THAT CURES ADd this is supplied by Chemists and the MANNINA OINTMENT CO., FISHGUARD, And is sold in Three Strengths—1, 2 & 3. GET YOUR TOBACCO I AT Our Shop 74a, Pontmorlais, Merthyr. PROGRESSIVE LITERATURE Kept in Stock or got to order.


The Tasks of To-day.I

Llandebie Notes.

Theatre Royal. I



The Electric Theatre.


I Mr. John Bowen Retires I

iAnother Distribution Prosecution.…

I Capture of Captain White.…