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Faith in Man :I

Glais N otes.


Glais N otes. SdeaSs and Progress. On Sunday, April 30, Mr J. Ll. Rees, Tre- banos, Pontardawe, delivered an address on "Ideals and Progress" at the I.L.P. Insti- tute. In his opening remarks, Mr Rees inter- estingly traced the evolution of society from the earliest time that history and science take cognisance of. Starting with the family, clan and commune, he traced the growth and effect of the spade and of the bow and arrow from the Stone Age he progressed to the Bronze Age, and then getting on to the more stable ground of recorded history he painted a vivid picture of the rise of the feudal system to that of steam and modern capitalism. Nor was lie content with the bounds of human so- ciety; he even went to Nature for illustrations, and alluding to the great industry of the ant, spoke of the good that would accrue to the human race from an universal adoption bv the human race of the ants' industry for the whole. A hearty discussion followed. Comrade Elias Davieis occupied the chair, and made some ex- cellent opening remarks. I Distributing Silver Bullets. The distribution of the monev in connection with the Children's Class Thrift Club took place at- St. Paul's Church Schoolroom on Thurs-, day evening last. The children always look forward to the distribution. I St. Paul's Vestry The annual Easter Vestry in ifbnnection with St. Paul's Church was held on Thursday even- ing last. The Church finances showed a balance on the right side. A keen dicussion centred round the proposal to alter the service on Sun- day evenings. A proposal was put forward that in future the services should always be in English, but the Welsh section fought hard against the proposal, arguing that the Church had 'been built by Welsh folk and sustained by Welsh money. Ultimately, however, the pro- posal was carried. Mr George Jones was elec- ted People's Warden and Mr M. E. Davies wa,8 again nominated by he Vicar as his Warden. The Vicar, in a fitting little speech, congratu- Jated his Warden on his appointment as Chair- man of the Swansea-District Tribunal. I PNze Draw. The "prize draw in aid of the widow of the- late Private Bert Nicholas, who was killed in .France whilst serving with the 6th Welsh Regi- ment, has been completed, and we are pleased to report that it met with great success. I Send-Off Conrt. A send-off concert was held in St. Paul's Schoolroom on Monday to bid Pte. Ben Rees, 6th Welsh, God-speed. It also proved a re- ception concert to Privates Morte and Russell, An excellent programme of songs, solos and. recitations was given by a party of children. The Curate (the Hov. J. Davies) proved an ad- mirable chairman. li Patriotism." Mr Tom Evans, Ynysmuddw, was the speaker at the I. L.P Institute last Sunday, when a. goo-S attendance was presided over by Comrade G. Jenkins. Mr. Evans sfjoke with great- power on "Patriotism." I An Accident. I We regret to report the accident at the Mond I Nickel Works. Olydach, on Monday, bv which Mr Thomas Fulcher's arm was broken. I Visit of George Neinhbour. Our Comrade, the Rev. George Neighbour, of Mountain Ash. has been booked to lecture at the T.L.P. Institute on Wednesday, the when, it is hoped that he will be given a gooi reeeptio* by a large audience. Printed and Published by the Labour Pioneer Press. Limited, Williams' Square, Glebeiand Street, Me-rthyr Tydfil, May 13th, 1916.

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