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Our Appeal for Navvy Pat.I

Theatre Royal. 'I


Theatre Royal. I Before proceeding to an eulogy of the ex- cellent bill which is occupynig the boards at the Theatre Royal this week, I have to an- nounce the bad news that under the Derby Scheme we are to lose Air. Norcliife, the genial manager, who has done much to popularise the Theatre during his sh&rt stay amongst us; and to heighten the standard of our entertain- ments. His management has been a pleasure', as much for his own self, as for the high grade stuff that he has brought. We shall miss him. miss him much, and I am only echoing the sentiments of everyone who has met him in wishing him rapid promotion, an early and safe return from the wars; and a speedy re- turn to the good work of making others happy -preie.rably in Merthyr. Now for this week's "hill" which has the charm and sparkle of good champagne. Paul Cambier's Belgian Quartette of vocalists and instrumentalists is a turn that none with a taste for real music can. miss. J t is a great turn of singular beauty, entirely free from "cheap- ness." I have been to Chapelle concerts at which the musical talent has not pleased me so well as this great act. It is a "classic" of vaudeille, and deservedly. Tom Jones, the pre- mier Welsh comedian, whose name I have of- ten seen bottoming at the London "Hip" and other Aletropolitan hans, is better than I have ever seen him. On his native heath and am- ongst his own race, he has totally refuted the old saw anent "prophets and honour in their own country." Maud Courtney and Mr. C. are versatile entertainers with the very highest sense of an oft-times misused phrase. I greatly enjoyed their show. The Royal Dread- noughts are marvels with firearms, simply won- ders; and though I am not enamoured of these turns, I thoroughly enjoyed theirs. Baniaroif and Sonia are presenting a turn which breathes the very spirit of Slavonic artistry; and Chester and Dottridge. the vocal comedy duo, are giving a full show of mirth and melody of a distinctly high standard; and the Bioscope is proving a truly interesting turn with an excellent Charlie Chaplin picture, "John Bull's Sketch," and "French and Greek Troops in Salonika." Next week is to loe a strong week, with that great comedy sketeh, "The Missing Link," topping. It is 25 minutes of laughter, played by a West End Company, including those wejU- known comedians, Jock Preston and George Preston. It is a sketch with a great name, and should prove a big attraction. Then there is the Royal Tokiwa Family of real Jap- anese entertainers in a Japanese entertainment; and Oharburn's Young Stars in a pretty scena, A Picnic Up the River." PLAYGOER.



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