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fThe Conscientious Objector.


fThe Conscientious Objector. I By THOIIAS THOMAS. w dear Fellow Patriot,—Yes, advisedly, I e word patriot, for if patriotism means Rpf one's country tlien. assuredly, no man gfeplaved more of this virtue than yourself. I refuse to be a party to a crime which ady despoiled the country of some of st manhood, and which will, unless wisdom ils among statesmen and diplomats, still r despoil the country of its young men. refuse to condone an evil which will ulti- Y land England and the whole of Europe S kriiptev; an evil which has already fas- upon the workers fetters that will rivet to a,es of griming poverty and despotism; .fbra(lopting this manly course you have subjected to vile calumny and barbarous j ution. e mighty hairy hand of the law has you in lp, and is .1 endeavouring to squeeze out » palpitating, exuberant moral life which isiven British junkers such unholy spleen du- the past few months. You must be suffer- tensely; but, thank heaven! your courage has been equal to your injuries: your en- ™ce equal to the weight of your yoke. In r hour of trial I can only say, Nil Des- dum!. To-day, you are spat upon, hounded ostracised; crowns of thorns are pressed ur heads; but to-morrow you will be H as benefactor, as the pioneer of an ever- g piece. The blood of martyrs is the seed ogress. Illake my obeisance before all forms of oou- on the battlefield, in the coalmine, midst ra.ging tempest; but I consider the courage evince on a par with the most enobling llces of bravery. To brave contumely, and ribald jeers requires more conr- than to face the muzzle of a gun; and YQU arc called a coward and a shirker! A damnable slander was never uttered. With Jte respect to the soldiers who are, saorific- fDr what they consider the claims of duty, '?w many of them. when in civil life, would I their emp* loyer for their rights? No, it of your calibre who have kept the ban- f true freedom flying: you it is who wiU e menace to unprinciples exploitation In future. Small wonder you are placed on -raeli for your conviction. Imperialists and (lj,(-ial potentates never had a better op- i j ttHty of crushing the agitator; and they tit for vo -7 jpit for your blood. Yes, your blood will be r incense than the blood of the Prussian !• As for the civilian gutter-snipes, the Welujah Jims" and" Praise the Lord I am 1'; Johns who sneer at your presumption Riming a conscientious objection to war. a ilerng angeL—no. I won't sav that, but 11e{1l. they will be made to howl for their ?st defection. Perhaps the hatred of ? People is intemitied because of their own consciousness of the justice and morality I Ur stand, for what is immoral in times *ce cannot be morai in times of war. ¡ 11 have been told that the Prussian is ab- with a gun. and that a perfect attitude possible when dealing with a ruffian. It '1 for humanity that the LIvingstones of ?y held a. higher conception of "the plan ,tion" than that, and it is to your ore- ??o that you refuse to accept jungle mor- ? .? deciding international issues. If the lans were as virtuous as the British be- 'he war. then it is to war and not inher- .?epravity can be ascribed their present ?4ties; and if that is the case. then peace ? restore them to their moral equilibrium. H'er, as you well know, war debases all ?s and no war has yet been fought in ? brutalities against the civilian population Hot been perpetrated. ? have taken the only consistent course ? can be taken to end warfare. When men ?fuse to fight, then diplomatists will soon 1 method of amicably settUng interna- disputes. It is hard for you. but such en the history of all pioneers of good ?ents. The form of persecution varies in ]it countries, but the motive underlying ?position to reform is the same. The cult ? day fights for its existence, and th? r prevaiHng beliefs are embedded in the of the people, the more difficult the work ating the evil. ?Ur figh against the fetish of war is going a difficult one—a fight which will de- (1 your sole energies and unwavering de- flation butihe cause you espouse will as- triumph, as truth has always triumphed "tet error. War zealots in -England decrv 8ian militarism: they are determined not B reath the sword until this evil is utterly tOJed--in Germany; but in the process of l ction we find that this country is being 1'J'£!,T'd under such a sea of military domin- j| as evver afflicted Prussia. If I am to suf- awation. the agony won't be less if suf- on British soil. ttttwer courage, my friend; I am confid- Jou will emerge from your present trying -1 with dignity and honour to yourself, ,With credit to the cause you represent ,t mind the curs which snarl at you; don't 1 the superior back-biters whose patriotism 8 with the stink of Gehenna. "For this is kwortlty if a man for conscience toward endure grief, suffering wrongfully." Or wah Seneca; Provided that we too!{ conscience, regardless of opinion, let m«> rye well though I hear ill." Whilst your Nence has been made the subject of general ^M g, it has already proved potent enough o d the military machine; before the war end it will prove a bigger obstruction The ranks of your sympathisers are daily ^sjing. The desire for peace i* rapidly .Ming throughout Europe, and perseverance • Js required to see once again the olive h of peace waving above the belligerent trIes. M assured of this, that your great sacrifice K llot be in vain; neither will the ca.use you So ably and practically advocated be at- r to rust during your enforced durance..For l conscientious objector arrested there will left to do his work, and the measure of U hardship will ennervate those AVIIO remain 11CWed activity. As you know, persecution '1l, movement is like oil on a fire; so be 1n mind, for if the Government persist in eirtiel and futile policy of punishing men Melity to principles recognised to be of Unitarian character, they will eventually b. I" t by their own petard." The prime in.sti- .Ol. at least one of the instigators —of lian tactics in England "has had his poli- 'nachinations cruelly exposed in last Sat- 11 The editor 31's "Daily News and Leader." The editor Gardner) gave the IIIcol of Wales" such Evincing, such an unequivocal exposure at Huce David Lloyd George to a third rate Ord of political power. Thus we find that are deep sinister motives behind all this r of patriotism, and ea'ch exposure onlv to demonstrate the necessity for peace. So IIp, my friend; when "rogues fall out tmen get their due," and it is palpabiv ttt that the Northcliffe—Lloyd George ) have come to the end of their tether. \It luck to you during your soj ourn in tia



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