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The Editor's Appeal.

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The Editor's Appeal. Although our subscriptions look well up this week. it is solely due to Mr David Davies' fam- ily and friends, of Waunhvyd, who have sub- scribed t2 of the t2 5s Shilling .Fund recorded, to the continued good ofifcers of the Bargoed Pioneer Committee, and to Mrs. Jones, our champion in Pant. It appears almost as though the majority of our readers regard my appeals as humorous effusions, or the babblings of a professional begging letter writer. Believe me, they are neither. To parade the poverty of the "Pioneer" is one of the most humiliating tasks that I have ever engaged in, and one that is most odious. But the paper belongs to you it is through no fault of mine that the position was so badly under-capitalised as to make the struggle almost heart-breaking; I have no wealthy Board of Directorate to carry my woes to and I bring them to you. Thank God, a few of you, like the good friends I have mentioned, see the sincerity that lies back of these appeals; but the majority of you lie in apathet-io indifference, until I sometimes doubt the depth of your attachment to the causes for which we stand. Did 75 per cent. of you but decide to grant us a shilling, it would mean over £ 130; if you kept it up for a month we should have just over £500, and shtJd be as safe as golden coin in the strong rooms of the Bank of England. Every week I trust that the L130 will come in, and yet I have to be satis- fied with a driblet of tl or t2. I am grate- fill for this, but it is a gratitude that is tem- pered with regret that the many are so indol- sent- to our needs. THE EDITOR. Share Capital. s. d. W J. Francis 10 0 Mrs. Jones, Pant 10 0 20 0 Shilling Fund. Mn. Jones. Pant—Mr. Geo. Watkins 1st Mrs T. Price Is 2 0 Per Mr. David Davies. Waunlwyd— David Davies and Family 20 6 Mr P. Watkins.. 10 6 Mr. J. Evans 5 0 I 'l..JB:n 2 g Wm. Watkins  1 0 F. Llewylvri 0 A Ipxander" Sprnis (West End) 1 0 Per Bargoed Pioneer Committee— Comrade Wait Williams 1 0 Mrs E. Morgan 0 6 Mrs. Jones 0 6 45 0

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