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Iloco. Men and "Combing."


I- Our Appeal for Ii Navvy…

I--The Palace.


I The Palace. Manager Hall-Jones has selected a. vory fine programme for the remainder of the present week—the principal attraction being a remark- ably fine society drama, in 5 parts, entitled An Enemy to Society," featuring some excel- lent Cine players, including Miss Lois Meredith as D-ecima Duress and ill-r. Hamilton Revelie as Stephen Adams. A synopsis of this fine play is to be had from the attendants, and is woll worth reading before, seeing the picture. Another fin# picture is the drama, "Out of Ashes," in 2 parts. A good Topical picture is also being shown, "Von Tirpit-z's Hiding Place." These are followed by a number of am- using pictures, and the Gazette, with the latest news, all supported by appropriate musio bv the Palace Orchestra.' On Monday next, a sensational drama m five parts and which features the popular Olga Petrova, as Martha Redmond, an artist's model. This, the second of a series in which this gifted and versatile actress appears, is en- titled The. Heart of a Painted Woman." Olga Petrova is one of the handsomest women of the stage. She is not a dainty ingenue, but her beauty stands the. test of the camera. The story is good as to basic points, and the character which Mme. Petrova portrays carries with it a strong.synippathetic The 15th Epi- sode of the "Broken Coin" also appears. Am- ong other pictures in this programme is an inte- resting Topical, Scenes Around Erzerum." On Thursday next the change for the week includes another exceptionally ifne exclusive drama entitled The Labyrinth," m which appears the well-known screen artiste, Miss Gail Kane. in the leading role. This picture possesses the happy combination of a powerful and arres- ting, storv, fine dramaticaciion, thrilling scenes and perfect finish in production. Tho actual stage scenes were taken at the Plaza Theatre. New York, with a h"1J company placing and I a crowded audience in attendance. The rescue scenes after a train -.mash, the life of a minis- ter working' among the poor, the operations of a wealthy theatrical magnate, are portrayals of splendid realism. A Ohaplin comedy will be shown in this seection, "Tlis .Favourite Pas- time." Another fine dramatic picturg in three parts will be shown, "'When Fate Was Kind;" An interesting little picture, "Typical National, Dances," will please &M. As usual, the child- ren's entertainment will b* held on Saturdavs at 10.45. Wo might- mentioa in advance that Mr. Hall- Jones has secured Sir Rider Haggard's famous novel. "She," ?dapt?d a8 a Cin<p?ay; as pro- duced by Will Barker, Thia win be a great attraction a.nd will h. welcomed by tit? r?ad" I ing public.


! Conscription Night at :Merthyr.


IFeatures of the Week.I

Union Notes.