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Enthusiastic Meeting at Brithdir.


Perils of Electricity.


Perils of Electricity. ALLEGED DEFECTS IN PITS AT MERTHYR. The case was resumed at Merthyr on Friday in which Mr. W. W. Green, agent, and Mr. H. Thomas, manager of Messrs. Hill's Plymouth Company's Collieries, were summoned for offences under the Coal Mines Regulation (Elec- trical Section) Act for failure to keep the plant in a proper condition. Mr A. C. Vaohell, Cardiff, wosecuted on be- half of the Home Oflice; Mr. C. Kenshole, Aber- da,re. defended; and His Majesty's inspectors in court included Dr. Atkinson (chief inspector of mines for South Wales), Mr. T. Greenland Davies. Mr. W. J. Charlton, and Mr T. L. AleBrida. Arthur Charles Sussex, for fourteen years electrician under the company, said on the day previous to the Iiispecto,.i-'s examination he re- ported the cable in good condition. Cross-examined by Mr. Vachell, witness ad- mitted that a length of cable (produced) was in a highly dangerous condition, as it was un- taped." He could not make a minute examina- tion such as the inspector made without having the cable "dead," and that would mean stop- ping the work for a few hours. He had over- looked one bare place in the length produced. Mr. Vachell next dealt with the charges of failing to earth a switch, instrument cover, and lam?i-holder. and said they were simply types of a number of offences of a similar character. Mr. W. J. Chariton gave evidence in support of the summons, and Mr. Henr- Thomas, the manager, said he was under the impression all the parts mentioned had been earthed. It was the e lectrician s work to see that the earthing wa3 done. .Bv Mr. Vachell: He did not think Mr. Charl- ton pointed out 170 unearthed pieces of appara- tus, though he might have pointed out 90 un- earthed lamp-holders. The next summons was that "the switch gear and all terminals cable ends, cable joints, and connections and apparatus had not been cons true fed and installed so that ail live parts should be so protected or enclosed a.s to prevent accidental contact by persons and danger from arcs or short circuits, fire, or water." Evidence was given by Mr; Charlton that there was a place in the colliery where there was no switch, and also no automatic means for cutting off the electric pressure. At this place there were five lamps, and Rees Thomas, aleetrician, who was called for the de- fence. said these were only temporary lights, and the matter had been overlooked. Giving evidence in support of the summons, Cables not protected by metallic covering where pressure exceeds low pressure," Mr. Charlton said at the No. 2 Pit he found a space of 4jft. where there was no metallic pro- tection for the cable, and evidence was also given in support of the summons that unarm- oured cables were not hung on proper insulators. The hearing was adjourned. YSTRADGYNLAIS I.L.P. LECTURE Mr H. F. Northoote gave his most interesting lecture on "Hen Gymru" to a large and interested audience at the I.L.P. Hall on Monday last. His slides were beautiful and educative, and the lecture was greatly ap- preciated. The lecturer has been invited to give a course on Evolution" at Ystradgynlais dur- ing May and June. The series commences on May 6 with a lecture on The Origin', of the World. CONCERT AT THE No-.N--POLITICAL .-Recently an exceedingly populair concert was held at the N.P. Club in aid of Swansea Hospital. The artistes were Madame D. Ellis; Miss Joshua; Miss May Davies; Mir, Lewis Thomas; and Mr. G. Jones. Dr. Walsh presided. A handsome sum was the result. THE LOCAL TRIBUNAL—A large number of Conscientious Objectors appeared before the Ystradgynlais Local Tribunal on Saturday last. All, with one exception, were miners who were exempted as long as they were in a starred occupation. The exception was Mr. Leon Wil- liams, a very active member of the I.L.P. He stated his case very ably, and succeeded in putting the antaggni-stic members of the Tribu- nal in a very uncomfortable position. In fact, they asked him no question tearing upon his objection, although one of them appeared to make an effort, to say something, but was un- successful. The result announced was that our comrade was to be given a month to choose any work of national importance, and submit his choice to the clerk for approval.

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