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5 Jobbers and Pacifists.


5 Jobbers and Pacifists. By the REV. W. REES, Llechryd. The Chairman of a Tribunal in the Rhondda Valley, criticising a Conscientious Objector said, "This is the most unpleasant job that I ever had the job of judging a man's conscience, which belongs to none but to the Lord and man himself. An Article appeared in the London Daily News" lately, by A.G.G., entitled "How to make a better job of the world after the war." The word job struck me as significant of the trade of the Tribunals, of journalists, of politicians, of preachers, of capitalists and war- riors..A. job is a piece of selfish work which is only of a trifling and temporary nature as dis- tinguished from unselfish and real work for the sa,ke of God and man. A job, further, means a transaction, in which private gain is sought under pretence of public service and patriotism. Oar jobbers of journalism, of Church and State have been buying and selling as the Bro- kers of Mars anl Moloch, and have been the cause of breaking the world in pieces, turning it upside down, and scattering abroad the inhabit- ants. Under their hands the land is emptied and spoiled and the multitudes mourn, fade away and languish. The jobbers cannot be trusted in the creation of the new world, We expect nothing from the bailiffs of Beelzebub and the middlemen of Baal but 'official and profes- sional muster for the sake of private advantage and lucrative jobs. Those who will be worthy to recreate and reconstruct the world after the war must be distinterested pacifists, conscientious objectors, and genuine Socialist Reformers and Revolu- tionists—real creators under Christ of a new re- ligion, new journalism and new politics. The treacherous jobbers who have made the earth to reel to and fro like a drunkard and dissolved in misery will be sent to oblivion ultimately to become extinct like the antidiluvian mon- sters. The pacific creators are not like the jobbers looking for jobs after the war, they do not wait for any time, they are at it now and at all times: everlasting and ever-working peace makers. Their motto every moment is "Stop the war and Jet there be light." Their spirit ever moves on the fact of the waters and of the sea of blood. They possess the heart and the power to bring the chaos into order, and notice to quit to the jobbers. The ruling jobbers of the nations, intoxicated with the dying groans of millions, are repug- nant to the life and laws of the New Creation. Let the lions run and rave in the deserts and in the desolations which they have made, or lie down .in perpetual sleep in their dens far from the sunny fields and flocks of the New World. The jobbers of the pulpit, with hands dripping with human gore, then- incense a cloudy pillar of po-isonous gases, their tongues twisting and bendmg to utter lies, their hearts knowing no pity when the eyes of myriads run lown with tears, and their eyelids gush out ViJtll water, when the voice of wailing is heard from pole to pole, and when the carcases of men fall like heaps of dung on the open fields. Let these Judas-i obbers of the Churches keep awaV from the tender mercies of the world after the war; let them withdraw and dwell in their dark land of bitumen, Ditoh and brim- stone. The jobbers of journalism, swallowed up in the vortex of the war into the central zones of the nether world of cruelties and death, the writers of the abysses are not wanted in the va<adi^es of the new world, gained i the golden pen -of pity, equitv and equality. The journalists who bring in t] -e Everlasting Right- eousness have no concern with the conflict of crude forces; they feel themselves estranged from the insane herds and hordes which can rush murderously upon one another fascinated by the violence and brutality of war. Rev. G. Russell, -inthe "Christian Common- wealth" this week, writes of the war as follows: cannot but look out upon the world at this moment with wonder and worship in our eyes. We are standing before Calvary. In every khaki youth there is surely that divine self-giving, the only thing that saves. It is the blood of Christ flowing in the veins of human uy. He describes the spirit of our soldiers as the up-flashing of the Divine in them and the realization of Christ." Similar sentimentn are expressed in the same paper by the Rev. Dr. Selbie. The same Gospel is furiously pro- claimed by Archdeacon Wilberforce, the Bishop of T rndori, and other preachers in a fearful phalanx whilst they treat the Prussian, Aus- tnan and Turkish warriors and their lords as incanlated deyi is Such tinkering jobbers of the Divine Attributes and their up-flashings in the trade of .murder makes Christianity and its rotten churches an infernal phantasv and a fiendish foolishness which paralyse all the ner- ves of God and man, and blasts every ration- al hope. Such a Christianity is an. utter dark- ness, in which none but owls and beasts of prey can see, and that in virtue of the heat of lusb aflame in their own eyes. It belongs to the arid area of Atheism, and should be relegated to Top-bet in the Valley of Tinom and to the burnings of Gehenna outside the City of God and Man. The philosophers and professors of our uni- vÐiit.i:es Ilrmsha,notheI: brood of proud and hafghty jobbers. Men like Sir Oliver Lodge and Henry Jones, with the same class in Germany, have willingly supplied their respective Gov- ernments with subtle lies and garbled learnllng? to encourage them in their horrible carnage. The professors have shamelessly betrayed the olaims of philosophy, and silenced the silvery voice of wisdom, and proved that our teaching intellec-, tuals are as incapable to perceive the truth as the Daily Mail," and the res+ of the Jingo press. British and Prussian Culture are of the same calibre and speak with the same Chau- vinist tongue. Their metaphysics, psychology, logic and ethics go not beyond empty terms, severed from the reality or the Divine-human substance which is omnipresent in all things, even the minutest. Superficial men sit in chairs as sages performing only artificial jobs of learning filling the skies of the soul with thick smoke, and dragging the soul itself down the dust, whilst the uneducated genuine So- cialist has clear ideas of the ultimate realities of life, which axe love and the life of love. His metaphysics are human affections spreading forth in spheres of useful activities, whilst the mental activities of our philosophical jobbers are nothing but the froth of dregs and the filthy foam of their foul maelstrom. Let us be glad and rejoice in the PIONEER the real Peacemaker amongst the mercenary jobbers of the press. Let us heed the appeal of our brave Editor; support him in his high and arduous work; and emulate his splendid spirit expressed in the following words :If we have to print the PIONEER on a piece of note- paper. its individuality shall be preserved ag- ainst the time when war clouds having lifted we can resume our normal size. Beloved readers! Come forth to the help of the mighty, with practical aid. M to expound the Gospel of Hope and GoodwiK such as we have never had, and if we are to take advantage of it, it must be bv rising the PIONEER to its fullest possible ex- tent." i

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