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Tonyrefail Notes. Presentation Meeting. Last Saturday, April 8, a most pleasant and interesting presentation meeting was held at the Ainon Baptist Vestry, when Mr. L. Rich- ards, mathematical teacher, was presented with a roll-top desk by the past and present stud- ents of the Tonyrefa-il Mathematical Class. Mr. T. Din-hie under-manager, Cilely Colliery, pre- sided. The Chairman, in his remarks, paid an excellent tribute to Mi1. Richards' many good qualities. Solos were rendered bv Messrs. Glyn Hopkins, William Davies, Eli Jenkins and W. T. Williams. The rendering of selections by the Gwalia Glee Party were indeed creditable, and were much appreoiaitedoy the audience. Mi-. Emrys Jones, in a very aniusin-- speech, pre- sented MT, Richards, on behalf of the stud- ents, with the desk, and was heartily sup- ported by Messrs. A. Griffiths, R. Lloyd, Walter Davies and D. P. George. Mr. Richards approp- riately responded. A vote of thanks was given to the Ainon Church and all who participated in contributing to the success of the meeting, which was brought to a close with the singing of the Welsh National Anthem. I un Behalf of the Soldiers, The people of the village during this last week have, indeed, been, well looked after. In the interest of the soldiers there has been a social and a sacred concert held. Food for the hun- gry and amusement for the dismal. The good feeling towards the maimed and wounded is laudable and genuine, but would, we feel, be better if accompanied with good reason. If onl the energy and interest could be devoted to the peace movement, so as to put an end to the present unfortunate catastrophe. How much more misery and suffering could be prevented, and greater happiness attained? The sad news of another young man, only recently married, being killed in the spring of life at the Front brings home to us a sense of horror at man's in- humanity to man. The bereft with aching heart and weeping eyes, who moan in, vain regrets, has all our sympathy. Rent Rackers. I It is surprising what a number of attempts are being made, in spite of the Raising of Rents Act, to eject or raise the rents of ten- ants. Houses to let are extremely difficult to find. It is high time e. at this old-fashioned Council of ours began to prepa e an adequate supply cf modern municipal cottages. The obsta- cle to this much-needed reform is to be found in the composition of the Council, who are mostly property owners, to whose advantage, it seems only logical to suppose, an insufficient sup- ply of houses means high rents and quick re- turns. It is to be hoped that the people will remember this at tthe next local election. Gush I "When we talk of loving our enemies, do let us avoid gush"! The originator of the above must have experienced rather i difficult task in extricating it from the entanglements of his distorted metaphysical bra.n. For such a pro- pagandist of peaceful persuasisn" to assume such a Robespierreian attitude seems rather annus in g and one would not be tempted to ac- cuse him either of foolishness or wickedness, but by the way of a suggestion perhaps ignorance; therefore unable either to flush or blush. Read- ers will find elsewhere in other columns more about Gush" Gilfach Goch. Gilfach, with its modern Garden Village, will surely welcome the circula-tion of the PIOXEER- the Workers' Champion and most interest- incr paper in their midst. It is to be hoped that all sympathisers of the Labour movement will assist in making it known as widely as pos- sible. Anyone desirous of participating in the noble work in the interest of the workers will he welcomed at 81 High Street. GiJfach Goch,

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