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Glais Socialist Secretary Before Appeal Tribunal. EDITOR'S QUESTION ON SOCIALIST DIVISIONS. At the Glamorgan Appeal Tribunal on April 4, the Secretary of the Glais Socialist Party ap- peared to appeal from the decision of the Local Tribunal with the usual result—appeal disal- lowed. We are becoming quite used to this refu- sal of the Tribunals to accept as evidence of conscientious objection active, official association with the Socialist movement, whose international programme has always contained the most rigid rejection of war; and acceptance and disseminar- tion of which has not been an easy task during the years of peace for those of us who are engaged upon it. Tribune D. Daviea, Editor of the Swansea "Daily Post," found what he considered a puzzler for the applicant in his question, Are you aware that the Socialists of each country are divided, and are. fighting each other?" Applicant retorted that he had no control over them. If they wished to fight, then let them do so. A Tribune desired to know why applicant had altered his appeal, and was told that applicant had been told originally that there was such a thing as British justice distributed in this part of the world, but had reluctantly been compelled to the conclusion that there was not. Another Tribune requested applicant to sup- pose that everyone held -his views, and was told that in thai case there would be no war. A Tribune- Will you take non-combatant ser- vice P Applicant; Certainly not; I will have noth- ing to do with the war, either bv direct or indirect assistance. Tribune; Will you assist the wounded? — Not under* military service. Applicant made out a strong case on family grounds. He told the Tribunal that his father was paralysed, and he was the only child. The appeal was refused, but we understand that ap- plicant will endeavour to carry his case to the Central Appeal Tribunal. —

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