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I_m_ No- Conscription Fellowship. SUNDAY'S SITTING OF THE CONVENTION The National Convention of the No-Conscrip- tion Fellowship, attended by 800 delegates re- presenting 20,000 mem bet's, approximately 10,000 of whom come under ,he provisions of the Military Service Act, resumed its deliberations in London on Sunday. The Convention considered various proposals which have been made to pro- vide alternative service to combatant service for Conscientious Objectors, such as the Non- OojuDii nnt Corps, and the Pelham Committee. Whilst recognising and emphasising the right of every member todeoicle according to the lead- ing of his own. conscience whether he can or can- not accept such service, the Convention adopted the following resolution — This Convention re-affirms its deeply held belief in the sanctity of human life, and de- clares its loyalty to the principles of Peace and human fellowship. It therefore refuses to take any part in war. and further de- clares that it cannot accept an- form of al- ternative service, the result of which would be the more efficient organisation of the coun- tr for war, or the advancing of militarism as exemplified in the Military Service Act. A demand was made that, in view of the admitted, moons latencies and injustices which have characterised the administration of the Military Service Act by the Tribunals, an en- quiry should be instituted into the grave situa- tion which has arisen from the refusal of ex- emption to many thousands of Conscientious Objectors, and that the men who have already been handed over to the military, despite their Conscientious»O bjection, should be immediately released. Whilst, loaving the decision open to the con- scientious judgment of each member, the Con- vention endorsed the recommendation of the National Committee that all final certificates of exemption other than absolute exemption should be returned. Detailed schemes submitted by the National Committee for the housing and provision of men who have been refused exemption were approv- öd, and it was announced that many prominent people, although not necesisarily agreeing with the attitude of the Fellowship, had signified their willingness to provide accommodation for men who were liable to suffer for their Con- scientious Convictions. Plans were also laid before the Convention by sympathetic public persons for a great national agitation on be- half of arrested members of the Fellowship, and other Conscientious Objectors. Resolutions were adopted asking that instruc- tions should be given by the Government that badged men should be heard on their claims on conscientious grounds, and protesting against the procedure adopted by Local Tribunals in colliery districts in adjourning such cases until heard by the Colliery Tribunals. On the subject of a Peace Campaign, the following resolution was rnanimously adopted: This Convention of men who are opposed on conscientous grounds to all war believes that the highest service we can render to our fel- low-men is that which will aid in restoring Peace to Europe, and in removing internat- ional hatred and distrust. Believing that the further prolongation of the war can only re- sult in the strengthening of militarism in all the nations of Europe, in the postponement of social progress, and in needless suffering to the peoples involved, we urge the Govern- ments to end the war by immediate Peace ne- gotiations, and we pledge ourselves to take gotiati possibl step to assist in the campaign to further this end. A resolution was unanimousl, passed declar- ing the belief of the Convention in the Universal Brotherhood of Men, and the consequent imlno- rality and futility of militarism and war, and adopting as an object of the Fellowship the establishment of an International .Fellowship of Pf'a, and Goodwill.

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