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Aberdare Trades & Labour Council. DEMANDS A NATIONAL LABOUR CON- FERENCE AND DECIDES TO SUPPORT REPEAL ACT MVOEMENT. On Thursday last the monthly meeting of the Aberdare Trades Council was held at the I.L.P. Institute. The chair was occupied by Mr. Matti Lewis, supported by Mrs. E. Davies, Councillor I). E. Davies, John Evans and E. Stonelake. Request. A communication was read from the British Socialist Society appealing for the support of the Trades Council to holding a Natonal Labour Conference to discuss the welfare of the work- ers and make provision after the war.—A reso- lution as follows was passed: "Having regard to the dangerous position in which the working class movement finds itself as a result of the war. the Aberdare Trades and Labour Council calls for a National Labour Conference to be convened by the National Workers' Committee for the purpose of considering the situation." Mr. George Lansbury wrote appealng for the Council's support to a, petition to the Govern- ment asking for the appointment of a Commis- sion to inquire into the recent trouble at Cey- was decided to support the request. Support for the Blind. Mr. Duncan, a i-epresc-titative from the Na.- tional Institute for the Blind, appealed for the support of the Council t* k-arr,- on the work at the institutions of this society. Mr. Duncan said that the Council of the National Institute for the Blind had opened a new hostel at St. Dunstan's, Regents Park. London where the- soldiers and sailors blinded at the front would be trained to read and write and taught trades by which they could earn their livelihood, al- though deprived of their sight. The movement- said Mr. Duncan, was receiving the hearty sup- port of all classes of people. Several questions were put to Mr. Duncan, which he readily and satisfactorily answered. Mrs. Edward Davies moved as follows: "That this Trades and Labour Council heartily recom- mend the appeal from the National Institute for the Blind to the Lodges, and hopes that all societies will immediately send them financial assistance." 1 motion was duly seconded and carried. Representatives. Messrs. B. Brace (the chairman) and J. T. Norman were elected on the Labour Represen- tation Association Executive Council Motions. From Windber Colliery Lodge: "That this this Council is hereby authorised to organise a demonstration in favour of the repeal of the Compulsory Service Act."—Resolved that the motion be deferred owing to the lack of funds, but it was decided to support the efforts of the Societies promoting a meeting to be held at Aberaman Institute on Sunday next to ask the Government to repeal the Act. A motion from Bwllfa No. 1 Lodge: That this Council instructs the Labour Members on the Council and Board of Guardians to meet as a group for the purpose of discussing all im- portant appointments and other matters con- cerning the welfare of the community, and the Minute Secretary of this Council shall attend and keep a record of the group's decisions," was carried. Bereavement. A vote of condolence was moved by Mr. Matt Il" with Mr. Ben J. Brace and family on the death of his brother.

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