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Stop-the-War Meeting 1 at…



The Palace.


The Palace. attractions are being booked at the Palace just now. On Monda?. next a fine production will be shown, which will be wel- corned by the reading public, especially Thomas Hardy's great novel, Far from the Madding Crowd," a picture adapted and produced by Larry Trimble, and featuring Miss Florence Turner. The mere fact that so great a novel as this and by so skilled and far-famed an author as Thomas Hardy should be produced as a picture-play is of sufficient importance to war- rant the keenest interest both from readers and. cine-goers. The cast is as follows —Bathsheba, • Florence Turner; Sergent Troy. Campbell Gul- lan; Farmer Boldwood, Malcolm Cherry; Fanny Robin, Marion Grey; Lyddie, Dorothy Rowan; Gabriel Oak, Henry Edwards; -and the dog Jean. In addition to this great picture another episode of The Broken Cbin" will be shown, being the llth of the series. Also a- fine drams" entitled "The Blood Test will be in the pro- gramme-an engrossing storv of a fatal error, which leads a man to betray a friend's trust. The Gazette of latest news and other pictures will complete one of the finest entertainments in pictures. On Thursday the first of a fine series of ex- elusive dramas will be shown. "Cora" is the title of the picture, an emotional play in four parts by Fred de Gressac, featuring the young j and gifted aorta-ess, Miss Emily Stevens, m the' title role. Here is a drama of heart throbs- starting in the tenements, rising to the heights.. of unhoundillg affluence, through the medium of a wonderful voice, an-cl cul-h-iiiiatlng in her be- trothal to a fameus artist for whom she once j posed. The story is unusual, and will hold the' 1 attention from the beginning to the end. AI! 1 other fine picture of ,t lighter character is "Miss Freckles," a comedy-drama featuring Miss Ruth Stonehouse. Miss Freckles is the tor- ror of Hogan's Alley, and she dreams that she I has been left a lot of money, with the result she and her family move into better quarters and mix with society, with the result that Giv- :1 ing to the new and unknown conditions of "hi-b life," the most amusing scenes are which will keep the most serious rippling with laughter. A number of other amusing and interesting pictures, with the Gazette, wil; provida programme of great merit. As usual the children are catered for on Saturday morn- ings at 10.15. We might remind our readers that the woll- derful picture "The Miracle of Life, or the Divinity of Motherhood," is now showing at the Palace during the remainder of this week. Printed and Published by the Labour Pioneer Press. Limited, Williams' Sauare. Street, Merthyr Tydfil, April 1, 1916. i S

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