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THE EDITOR'S APPEAL. lL .W — E^mrades,—3-he PIONUR" MUST live. Prao- y everybody I meetperson of note in the ment, aad nobodies like myself—are unani- ? in their declaration that, come what may, PIONLIRR must be preserved, a solitary de- er of Democracy and Free Speech and Con- ?ce in our midst. I agree, nay, I will go ?her and say that if we have to print the BEit on a piece of note-paper its individual- shaM be preserved against the time when douds having lifted, we can resure our al size. The PIONEER WILL live, but un- you decide practically how much You think ..Jttisx live, it will be but a faint echo of it- Now is when we must need the PIONEER, II unrnediate future offers you and I an op- t uity to expound the gospel of hope and ■' <1Q"wllI such as we have never had, and if we to take advantage of it, it must be by us- the PIONEER to its fullest possible extent. I a matter that every Democrat in Wales t .\I111d take to himself, and to his lodge and ch. If everyone who looks forward to the When under the shade of the Red Flag, J hall reach peace and plenitude, and good i adeship were to give a. shilling, our diffi- *3s would be almost ended. Is it worth it? tisr aware of the terrible food prices, of the 131ng wagfc earners, and the multiplicity of AN on your Purses; but the PIONEER is a vital of your organisation. Will you keep it, ?e yo? content to amputate the most im- '"?t member? ^nt member F Yours hopefully, THE EDITOR. (Received wetjfc ending March 25). Iape Capital. £ s. d.  0 5 0 ?Morris. 0 5 0 R vans 0 7 6 ir.EJs" g g ?WilHams 0 5 0 *Sth LIovd. 0 5 0 Taylor 0 5 0 £1 12 Fund. £ s. d. I%K.W! Prosser. 0 5 ? Warhead 0 5 0 }. Other 0 3 0 I I w \Williams. Tonyrefail 0 5 0 \Svans 0 5 0 5 i;n: gig ?'?s 0 2 6 tefail Pioneer Committee 1 10 0 £ 2 16 6

J?goed aod District Trades…

I Aberdare Tribunal. I

ITo Mr. Walter Long, M.P.


I Tonyrefail Notes.

I -Workers' Educational Association.