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From Sanatorium to Army.I


From Sanatorium to Army. MERTHYR CORONER AND A SCANDAL. What the Coroner (Mr. Rhys) described as an inter esting side light on the acceptance of sol- diets for the army, was disclosed at an inquest held at the Belle Vue Hotel. Alerthvr, on .Friday, on the body of Patrick McCarthy (38). a shoemaker, who died whilst being con- veyed to the Workhouse Infirmary by cab on the previous Tuesday. Mrs. Sarah Jones, of Bridge Street, declared that the deceased had lodged with her for 3 weeks or a month. Ho was out on the Monday and arrived home late, but on the Tuesday morning he was so ill that she advised him to go to the Infirmary, and called a cab for his removal there. Mike O'Neill, who accompanied the deceased in the cab, said that they talked together in the vehicle, and deceased told him that he had been in the Militia. Before the cab reached its destination McCarthy collapsed and died. Evidence was given by the Workhouse Porter that the deceased had' only been discharged from the Institution on February 1 after being in "inc. August 3. Dr. Mrs. Ward gave the medical history, of the deceased, showing that in 1914 he had been treated in the phthisical wards of the Work- house and had been transferred to the Pont- sarTI. Sanatorium, from where he had discharg- ed himself. On October 1 he had joined the Army, but had been dischagred a fortnight la- ter as physicaMy unfit. The Coroner: I wonder who accepted that man for the army? It is a scandal. Later, reviewing the evidence, he comented that though the jury was only concerned with the cause of death, still the side light was very instructive. We were all complaining oR, i the large amount of money being spent on tfaei war and Rtill we bad things of this kind Jlap- penmg. Some people seemed to be Jfrroud th<tt 1!he Avar was costing so much. £ e did not suppose that this was an isolated c.ase> Juryman^ No. there are thousands A verdict in accordance with the m'dical evidence that death was due to long-standino- phthisis and valvular disease of the heart v'1; returned.


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