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A Plea for the Support of the 44 Pioneer." t By PHILIP FRANKFORD. 0 I A Call to Arms. We hope all Socialists, anti-Militarists, Trades Unionists, Labour men and real Christ- ians who read the PIONEER last week made themselves thoroughly acquainted with the po- sition of the PIONEER conveyed to us ia the U Editor's Letter." Having done so. their duty was apparent. They ought at once to decide to d one or more of the following things to help the PIONEER in the hour of need:- (1) To support it financially as far as pos- sible. (2) To obtain new readers. (3) To think out ways of obtaining a big circulation. (4) To obtain subscribers to the PIONEER Find. (o) To undertake any work in connection with the PIONEER that the Editor-Manage* may determine, voluntarily and for the sake of the cause. (6) To aid in every way possible the setting of the paper on a firm footing. Other" brilliant" ideas will occur to the lii-ainy," and I have much pleasure in offer- ing- a prize of 2/6 to the person who sends on a past-card the best idea for helping to make the paper known and setting it on a firm fina.Br cial footing. (Address to me "C/o of Editor," at the office of this paper. Entries close April 7.) To-day the work must be done to-morrow is too late. W,,v the" Pioneer" is Needed. All around us is a. large and powerful se diorfl —not least of which is the capitalist press — who are working for the enslavement of the working class. Liberty of speech has gone; freedom of the press has vanished. An English- man's home is no longer his castle The Rus- sian imitators search our private chambers. Conscription 1)0, small doseis is here. Reaction is the order of "the day. Militarism is breaking up the home. Men are being dragged before Tribunals and asked why they will not kill? Widows' sons are being. refused exemption; I physical wrecks are being forced into the anny. Everyone must fight, tor the wolves are de- I manding more and more prey. "The peace," as Byron says, "hath made one general mal- content -foa- these high market patriots war was rent." The ship owners, coal barons and financiers are heaping up fortunes out of blood. In the meanwhile the Habeas Corpus Act and Magna Charts, have practically gone, like Trade Union privileges—all the cnarters of liberty won by the blood of martyrs flung away, in order that the noble, art of killing may be king of all; and so that profits may roll home to the capi- talists on the sea of blood which they have created. A nd while this goes on unemployment in- ,? ri( i while # 90(?'s c,-n uneiiiployni,eiii. iD- creases. SmaH traders are ruined, for their turnover does not admit of being a fair one with fewer customers, higher prices, and the cost of the accessories of trade daily mounting up Food, too, has risen 75 per cent. And now the reactionists are determined wo keep this for the future at a high price, for after the war an attempt will be made to force Pro- tection on this country in order that the poor- may be made to find the huge amounts required to foot this awful war bill. Lord Loreburn has already warned us where our huge expenditure is leading us. Again, the disbanding of the armies when peace at last comes, and the clo- sing down of munition factories, will bring a terrible time.of destitution, unemployment, and starvation—and such as never has been known bef ore. To help to combat these evils the PIONEER is- needed. The PIONEER of all the Welsh papers can and will fearlessly do what the capitalist press wont—and that is, VOICE THE NEED OF TR" PEOPLE. The PIONEER has no personal axe to grind. It has no capitalists' profits and dividends to look after. It can speak the truth, and will do so. The capitalist papers dare not publish than which is detrimental to capitalism and helpful for the people's fight. Therefore, when yo 1 assist the PIONEER, you are assisting your- self Your interests and the PIONEER'S inter- ests are identical. When you assist the capital- ists' papers, you are assisting those hwo would ists' papers, you are assisting those who would you on your backs. The PIONEER'S politics are not the usual party kind. They am 'bread and butter with jam thrown in. Unless you are prepared to fight for the PIONEER and make sacrifices for it, you had better be content to let the capitalist enslave you body and soul for the future, and settle down to a life of hum- drum monotony; yet why should you- If yot worked with those whose interests are. identical with yours, a party could soon be built up that would make things for the workers (and for ali) very different from what they are to- daf. The Government has shewn us how we can organise to make this earth a cemetery. The Socialists could—if there were only en- ough of them—very soon organise -to make this earth an Eden for ail. This is what the Creator intended. All over the Kingdom, little by little, the cause of anti-Militarism and Socialism is grow- ing. Socialist papers are doubling their circu- lation. That is why the Government suppress them, and put an embargo on paper so as to make it difficult for journals like the PIONEER to carry on their work. Let us defeat the aims of the blood-ackers. The PIONEER must live and thrive. Its mission to the unconverted must go on. It must combat the evil forces that are aiound us. Reader! What are vou going to do for the PIONEER the Welsh you cialist paper ? In helping it. you yourself. The Spiritual Side. At! these arguments for the PIONEER S exist- ence have been on the material ptane. There is yet another side of the picture. The spiritual. The PIONEER is fighting not only on the ma- teria plane; it is fighting the great army of the devil. The immense throng that think that human butchery is the highest aim in life,and organised murder something to be proud of All who are real followers of Christ, and all who have the cause of Anti-Militarism at heart, and all who hate Conscription, must for their con- science sake support the PIONEKr. The 1 iONEEtt accepts Christ's command, Thou shaft not kill. The capitalist press reject it. You. therefore, are in honour bound to support YOL K PAPER. What Can YOU Do? AlL can do some tinng. Save your pennies, your shillings, a,ii,d-tiio,se who have them your pounds, and send them along (in honour uouiiuj, not onjy tor the paper's sake, but lor your own sake. The PIONEER is your defence against the forces of evil against those who would enslave you. Again, obtain fi-esli readers and interest others In the paper. Buy an extra copy .and send to a friend, together with a letter explaining how necessary it is to keep the paper alive. Explain its principles and its grand fight for freedom. Ask for a small sub. for the pa,per. Beg hint to take it regularly. Ana pray him to send on this letter to a friend, together with the paper, asking the friend to do likewise. Canvass your town or village; get among lovers of freedom—-but get busy at once. If the PIONEER weathers the storm—and it must and shall—it will live to strike such a blow at milit.arism and capitalism that these forces of evil shall never recover. Let us follow our grand paper through terror to triumph; through the grave and gate of hell to the glorious Easter morning. Yes, for brave men are in our cause, and they will, we are confident, lead us through this dark night of winter to life's new rising morn. Coirs- rades, help' the PIONEER.

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